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Super Premium Bedding Retailer Opens First US Store

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Hollandia International, manufacturer of some of the world's most expensive and luxurious bed systems announced that it has opened its U.S. flagship retail store at The Court at King of Prussia Mall. It's the company's first stateside retail location. The store, located on the second floor between Bloomingdale's and the furniture pavilion, features Hollandia's select line of patented Gravity ZeroT luxury bed systems, which retail for up to $50,000 each. To celebrate the opening of the store, Hollandia will be having a grand opening event on Saturday, March 3. Executive Chef Andrew Masciangelo from Savona restaurant in Gulph Mills will be cooking "breakfast in bed" for mall shoppers. In honor of the opening, Hollandia will be giving away a one-of-a-kind, $20,000 heart-shaped bed. Like all Hollandia beds, the fur-covered bed is adjustable and has a massage feature. Shoppers can fill out an entry form at the Hollandia store, and a winner will be picked at the end of February. "At Hollandia, we strive for the ultimate, so what better entrance into the U.S. market than one of the nation's best and largest malls?" says David Ashe, Chief Operating Officer of Hollandia U.S. "Now discriminating shoppers from across the country can experience for themselves the relaxation, rejuvenation, and near-weightless sleep of the Hollandia adjustable bed system. After just a few minutes on our Gravity Zero mattress, they'll never want to sleep on a flat innerspring mattress again." The 1,200 square-foot store features Hollandia's king-sized adjustable beds to give shoppers insight into the deeply restful, healthful sleep that can only be achieved with Hollandia's sleep-engineered system. In the center of the store, a 61-inch plasma television broadcasts an innovative and informative presentation that alternates between upscale lifestyle photos and images from Hollandia's wide-ranging product line. In addition to the Gravity Zero bed, the store also showcases Hollandia's Gravity Zero Versant, Gravity Zero Recliner, and Zig Zag Ottoman. Shoppers can purchase Hollandia's custom-fit jersey linens designed to hug the Hollandia mattress, no matter what position the bed (press-ready product photos available here). Headquartered in Israel and distributed worldwide, Hollandia spares no expense or detail in creating the ultimate sleep experience. The company has spent the past 25 years scouring the earth for just the right components and technologies to improve and perfect the art and science of human sleep. The bed's base is made of specially engineered hard-pressure laminates (HPL) that are tougher than steel, impervious to corrosion or damage, and are ultimately indestructible. It eliminates extraneous movement or vibrations, forming a solid platform for the Hollandia Vita Talalay Latex mattress. Comprised of some of the most exotic materials in the world, the mattress is covered in special Aloe Vera fibers that offer baby-soft comfort. Inside, rich, lush, breathable latex provides perfect point-to-point support of the human body. Since high-end consumers are looking for a degree of restfulness never before experienced in traditional beds, every inch of the Hollandia bed system has been calibrated to offer a deeply satisfying rest. For example, a portion of the mattress called the 'Flexible Shoulder Comfort Zone' is specially engineered to accommodate side sleepers-adjusting support to improve blood flow, and eliminate numbing and tingling. Likewise, German-engineered, whisper-quiet motors offer an infinite number of fine, incremental customization of body positions. It's a bed system that is also designed for waking hours-those precious moments of relaxation where you can watch TV, read, or make love. Hollandia has also perfected the most advanced technological and safety features of any bed in the world. An ingenious Mobile Bed SystemT uses retractable casters that gently lift the 200-pound bed system so it can be easily moved with one finger. Hollandia bed systems even come with motion detectors to prevent pets or children from being injured by the system's motorized positioning system. An ergonomically designed air-pressure hand control modulates position without electricity or batteries. ABOUT HOLLANDIA Hollandia International designs, manufactures, and markets the most luxurious and advanced sleep systems in the world and a full range of equally inspired complementary products. The perfect mix of art and science, Hollandia is redefining the bedroom experience for discriminating consumers. First available in 1981 and now distributed at over 50 retail locations around the globe to satisfy increasing worldwide demand, Hollandia's sleep systems are available for the first time in the United States. Hollandia is also located at Philadelphia's Marketplace Design Center. The company plans to open additional luxury retail centers throughout the Northeast as well as join with like-minded retailers to deliver the Hollandia experience through their stores. www.hollandiaus.com

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