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Lynch Sales Hires Don Ashford As Senior Sales Coordinator

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The Lynch Sales Company has hired Don Ashford as Senior Sales Coordinator, to implement Sales Events for the better stores throughout the United States and Canada. He will work out of the Ottawa, Ontario office of Lynch Sales Company, which is operated by Gordon Zuliani. Ashford will report to Jud and Chris Lynch. "Don has the right credentials and excellent people skills, which is important when you consider that he will be in our client's store's for 30, 60 or in some cases 90 days," said Chris Lynch. "It is important to be diplomatic and reassuring during a Lynch Sale, because in many cases, the store owner is under a lot of pressure. Don, and his wife Carol, who is an excellent Salesperson, know how to deal with those situations nicely," added Lynch. Lynch Sales Company coordinates storewide Sales Events for the better stores, provides supplemental inventory on a private label basis, furnishes copyrighted advertising campaigns and additional sales people for its clients in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. For more information go to www.lynchsales.com.

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