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RoomStore Increases Commitment to Online Furniture Sales Training Programs

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The Furniture Training Company, Inc. (www.furnituretrainingcompany.com), the home furnishing industry’s leading provider of online furniture sales training courses and certification, announced that RoomStore, a Richmond-based home furnishings retail chain, will commit to nearly doubling the number of retail furniture sales associates it will train and certify using Furniture Training Companys' online sales training programs. RoomStore intends to take further advantage of the Furniture Training Companys affordable and interactive training courses, Fundamentals of Furniture Product Knowledge and SalesForce - Selling with Service, by enrolling hundreds more of their East coast furniture sales associates into the online training. All of the Furniture Training Company online furniture courses are engaging, easy to use, and very effective at improving the behaviors of furniture sales associates so that they can sell more furniture and generate more satisfied customers. RoomStore will be accessing the latest versions of the online training courses, the only solution that provides comprehensive online training, testing, and certification for retail furniture sales associates so that they will sell more furniture. "RoomStore is continuing and increasing our commitment to using the Furniture Training Company's Fundamentals of Furniture Product Knowledge and SalesForce: Selling with Service online training programs in a significant portion of our stores to improve our sales associates’ knowledge and professionalism,” says John Hamilton, Sr. Vice President at RoomStore. "We are excited to work even more closely with RoomStore to help them improve their furniture sales associates’ furniture product knowledge and selling skills," said Mark Lacy, President, Furniture Training Company. "I believe it makes a great statement to our industry to see how this company is increasing their efforts to providing additional training for their sales staff in these more difficult times. They are to be commended for their commitment to training as an investment for not only in increasing sales but for improving customer satisfaction." About RoomStore: RoomStore founded in 1992 by a renowned furniture family established its first retail store in 1910. RoomStore began with four stores in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in August 1992. Since 1992, RoomStore has grown to more than 60 stores in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Louisiana offering customers the best furniture and accessory values available. With over $350 million a year in sales, RoomStore is one of the 25 largest furniture retailers in America.

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