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Bemco Announces Olympics Gymnastics Themed Promotion

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Bemco announced the release of its 2008 gymnastics themed newspaper ad kit and marketing elements. As a sponsor of the US Gymnastics Team since 1990, Bemco has access to local, national, and international events including the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing, China, where the American women gymnasts are considered contenders for the gold. "Our gymnastics team sponsorship ties in with Bemco's emphasis on healthy sleep," explains Daryl Tarbutton, president, Bemco Associates, "these athletes are all about health, fitness, and the importance of proper sleep to performance, the same things that are important to anyone with an active life." The sponsorship gives Bemco access to senior US Gymnastics Team members for advertising purposes. Bemco's 2008 program features men's champion Alexander Artemev and women's champion Chellsie Memmel in its marketing elements. One of those marketing elements is a special label for the Bemco Champion sleep set. In addition to the four-color photo, the label features the "Official Mattress of the US Gymnastics Team designation, the USA Gymnastics logo, and the title "Mattress of Champions." Artemev is also featured on Bemco's 2'x5' vinyl, in-store promotional banner with the headline "Enjoy Healthy Sleep." Artemev and Memmel appear separately and together in the six ads featured in the newspaper ad kit. The ads include USA Sleeps on Bemco; Bemco Mattress of Champions; Experience Bemco Rejuvenation; Bemco = Great Health, Great Sleep; Get Healthy, Get a Bemco; and Buy a Bemco, Be a Winner. All the ads feature four-color photos of the athletes in competition and are designed to be customized with each store's name and sales incentive information. "This allows Bemco retailers to maximize awareness of the Olympics, fitness, good health, and great sleep," says Tarbutton. Ultimately, it allows them to maximize success."

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