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Global Surroundings Introduced Eco-Friendly Commercial & Residential Line

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Global Surroundings announced that it has introduced the world’s first eco-friendly, woven resin and reclaimed teak furniture line at the Hospitality Design Expo 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The line, they said, will also be sold through their retail furniture store customers. “We felt the HD Expo was the perfect venue to introduce this unique collection”, said Jay Jackson, President of Global Surroundings. “Contract and commercial applications today are demanding the products going into the projects be eco-friendly and sustainable and this new line delivers”. Robert Dean Langdon, CEO of Davinci Design Associates who specializes in “green” spa designs at top resorts across the world agrees. “Global Surroundings products are elegant and comfortable which are ideal for the spas we design and the fact they are eco-friendly is a real bonus for these high-end projects”, he said. “We are pleased to partner with Global Surroundings on this fashion forward collection”, said Johan Yang, Vice President of Viro Fiber, manufacturer of the woven resin. “Viro Fibers are specifically designed and engineered for outdoors using non-toxic, 100% recyclable materials”, said Yang. “Incorporating reclaimed teak into their designs with the Viro continues the theme of sustainable furniture design.” “Consumers today are conscious of the products they utilize at high-end resorts, hotels and restaurants,” said Jackson. “The reception on The Palisades Collection was overwhelming at the HD Show. This market is clearly asking for sustainable furnishings with cutting edge design.” “Climate change around the world is real and it is happening every day,” explains Jackson, President. “The furniture industry historically has been responsible for harvesting our forests.” We are at the forefront of the movement to utilize reclaimed teak wood from old buildings in Indonesia.” About Global Surroundings, LLC: As the global leader in ecologically friendly furniture, Global Surroundings is a designer, manufacturer and importer. JL and Jay Jackson founded Global Surroundings in 1998 after living and traveling several years throughout Southeast Asia. They purchase old teak homes in Java, Indonesia. Global Surroundings builds new furniture from old wood and woven resin fibers without damage to the rainforest or the people’s homeland. For more information visit globalsurroundings.com.

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