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Consumer Media Runs Stories On Fire Retardant Chemical Dangers

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Mark Strobel, president of Strobel Mattress announced that there have been nine recent television news stories dealing with potential dangers of fire retardant chemicals used in some flameproof mattresses. The stories ran on NBC Kansas City, April 24 2008, ABC Cincinnati, May 5 2008. ABC Detroit, May 13 2008, ABC Cleveland, May 14 2008, National CBS Evening News, Katie Couric, May 19-20 2008, parts 1 and 2, National CBS Evening News, May 19 2008 Part 1, National CBS Evening News, May 20 2008, Part2 NBC West Palm Beach, May 21 2008. "Additionally," Strobel noted, "There is a new book by Dr. Doris J Rapp, MD, titled “Is Your New Mattress Safe?“ It's an in-depth special report of problems about mattresses, especially those manufactured since 7/1/07. "There is now good and growing awareness, not only among consumers, but also among Chiropractors of the health risks from new flameproof mattresses, said Strobel. "Our mattresses are sold by prescription only through retail furniture stores, and lately, many more retailers inquiring about our products say their Chiropractor told them about it. There is a growing number of medical professionals and consumers concerned about chemical exposure and chemical sensitivity. This presents an opportunity for retailers who can satisfy this consumer need." Many major bedding manufacturers discount any notion that fire retardant chemicals in mattress used to meet government flammability regulations are dangerous. These regulations have been primarily proposed by fire fighters' organizations who have encouraged legislation on state and national levels. Links to all these news stories can be found at: http://www.strobel.com/making_news.htm or simply click the “Strobel Making News” link off the home page of www.Strobel.com .

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