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Kathy Ireland Home by Martin To Relocate

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Kathy Ireland Home by Martin (KIHBM) announced that it will relocate its San Diego warehouse and corporate office In July 2008 to a site a few miles from their current location. The new, larger campus consists of two buildings that will serve as a distribution center and headquarters. Fifty-one useable loading docks, ample warehouse space, and state-of-the art communications and information systems technology are some of the new facility’s features. The move will begin July 1, 2008 and will be complete in the following 4-6 weeks. “We outgrew our current facility so we are moving to a custom-made campus and incorporating various new technologies to help us better meet the expectations and needs of our customers,” said Gil Martin, president and owner of KIHBM. “Larger warehouse space represents the ability to store more goods from both Mexico and Asia for faster and more reliable deliveries. The use of more advanced material handling equipment will reduce damage and also contribute to shorter delivery lead times. We look forward to the potential growth that this move and new facility will provide.” The new facility also provides additional office space that will help meet the demands of KIHBM’s customer service, marketing and design departments. A photography studio with an accessories closet will enable in-house photography. And a new Voice-over-Internet protocol system will facilitate communications between company personnel and customers. To keep business interruptions at a minimum, administrative offices will be moved over the course of one weekend. On Friday July 25 at 2pm PST KIHBM will close for the weekend; their phone system and network (including email and website) will be shut down for the move. The administrative office will reopen for business on Monday, July 28 at 8am, while the shipping and customer service departments will be open and available at 7am on July 28. In an effort to decrease the amount of lost emails, faxes and voicemails during the move, KIHBM asks that no one contact them via email, fax or voicemail between Friday, July 25 at 2pm PST and Monday, July 28 at 7am PST. In 1981 Gil Martin founded Martin Furniture, a premier producer of home office and home entertainment furniture. Twenty-two years later, in April 2003, Martin Furniture partnered with Kathy Ireland Worldwide and became Kathy Ireland Home by Martin (KIHBM). KIHBM is the sole licensed manufacturer of home office and home entertainment furniture under the Kathy Ireland Home brand. Their products are sold through several retail channels all over the country including warehouse clubs, commercial office, catalogs, Top 100 Retailers and specialty stores. For more information please visit www.martinfurniture.com. As CEO and Chief Designer at Kathy Ireland Word Wide based in Los Angeles, California, Ireland began her company over 10 years ago with the mission of “finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.” By staying true to this commitment, Kathy has received several awards including the Good Housekeeping Seal for her Home Collection. There are now well over 18,000 pieces that are in line with her philosophy and direction. Kathy’s home design efforts go beyond Home furniture; for more information please visit www.kathyireland.com.

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