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EcoMemoryFoam To Offer Green Memory Foam Mattress Line In Las Vegas

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Anatomic Global, Inc. announced that they will be introducing a line of revolutionary EcoMemoryFoam specialty earth-friendly mattresses at World Market in Las Vegas. EcoMemoryFoam says it is setting a new industry standard for luxurious sleep by manufacturing the first plant-based memory foam mattresses, pads and pillows on the market. The company is now actively recruiting retailers that share a common vision to provide superior comfort to consumers while helping to renew the earth. “93 percent of Americans now believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment and 66 percent are more likely to purchase a product if they believe the company is environmentally conscious*,” said Jeff Scorziell, president of EcoMemoryFoam. “Many retailers know they should go green but don’t know how. Our core business is to create environmentally sustainable mattresses, so we’ve studied the market and know how to help retailers successfully offer an eco-friendly product to consumers.” Developed by founder David Farley with 20 years of experience in medical industry sleep systems, EcoMemoryFoam has taken the best of memory foam technology and improved on it. Using open cell technology, they have created a memory foam mattress that breathes and helps you sleep cooler. EcoMemoryFoam also utilizes the patent-pending Neutral Posture Support System, which is scientifically designed with seven support zones to relieve the stress on your back muscles and refresh the body. EcoMemoryFoam is manufactured in the United States, and the company can ship anywhere within 48 hours, which allows retailers to avoid keeping inventory. “In the past, environmentally friendly products have not always been friendly on the pocketbook, typically costing more than their counterparts,” said Scorziell. “But EcoMemoryFoam is proving that doesn’t have to be the case, since our mattresses cost 10 to 15 percent less than traditional memory foam products.” Today, 23 percent of sleep products sold are specialty sleep products, and that market share is expected to grow to 40 percent by 2010**. EcoMemoryFoam is looking for partners who share in their vision to bring innovative eco-friendly products to the marketplace. The company offers retailers selective distribution, an extremely low initial investment, and personal customer service to ensure complete satisfaction. Retailers interested in learning more may contact EcoMemoryFoam at 800-874-7237. Listen to a Podcast on this breakthrough product line. About EcoMemoryFoam: EcoMemoryFoam, a division of Anatomic Global, Inc., is setting an industry standard by manufacturing comfortable plant-based memory foam mattresses, pads and pillows. EcoMemoryFoam mattresses utilize the patent-pending Neutral Posture Support System, which is scientifically designed with seven support zones to relieve stress and refresh the body. Patented zero-emissions technology is used to create the coolest-temperature, most supportive memory foam beds available. For more information visit www.ecomemoryfoam.com.

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