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Fine Art Tapestries To Introduces Tapestry Art Flat Screen TV Covers

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Fine Art Tapestries, a leading supplier of contemporary tapestry art announced that it will showcase at the Las Vegas Furniture Market C653 the first affordable system to conceal a flat screen television. The problem in the marketplace is that consumers are frustrated at the lack of attractive solutions to hide flat panel TVs. TV manufacturers will ship 128 million LCD and plasma sets this year, up 38% from 2007. This is creating a war in the household as the lovers of art and electronics go head to head. Flat Panel TVs look great when turned on, but are an eyesore when not in use. We have partnered with Draper Industries to create motorized roll away art that can beautifully conceal any flat panel TV. The wholesale price will be less than $600 (retail $1,200) for the motorized until and the associated artwork. We literally tripped over this idea as our customers started converting tapestry art into TV covers on their own notes George Clark, President of Fine Art Tapestries. We received numerous phone calls from customers asking us for tips and advice on concealing Flat Panel TV’s with tapestries. Interior designers tell us that their number one concern for the coming years is how to conceal the ever growing flat panel displays. Case good furniture cannot keep pace with the growth of the TVs and many TV locations such as mantles and walls, do not lend themselves to a solution other than an art cover up. We have customers that have taken it upon themselves to convert our art into roll away screens and roman shades. Our tapestry art is an ideal medium for this process as it is very durable, large and flexible. More importantly, our art is modern and attractive, with a wide selection that can suite any home. Most of our art will cover TVs up to 50 inches wide, and we have a reasonable selection of tapestries that will conceal TVs up to 65 Inches. Each unit will come with a remote control to reveal the TV, and the remote can be either infrared or wireless such that the remote can be programmed with the TV remote. Our customer base likes the woven tapestry products as tapestries create an acoustic elegance in a room, absorbing ambient sound. We have also been told that to create an environment that is Feng Shui, the Television must be covered. We are excited about our Tapestry TV Covers and look forward to making a big splash at the Las Vegas Furniture Show. We will be exhibiting our product in building C suite 653. About Fine Art Tapestries: Fine Art Tapestries is the worlds leading contemporary tapestry art company with over 1,500 woven works of art. The vast majority of the art is licensed traditional art with motifs that range from Abstract to Tuscan. Our two domestic mills are fully automated and represent one of the highest concentrations of high count jacquard looms in the world. Fine Art Tapestries is a division of Pure Country Weavers, a family owned and operated digital textile mill dedicated to jacquard woven products. Our brands include Portraitweavers.com and Finearttapestries.com. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Lynn NC. Our mills are all domestic, insuring prompt shipping. We are wholesale only to the trade. Our showrooms are in Las Vegas C653, Atlanta Bldg 2 Suite 1600 and High Point, Showplace building. www.finearttapestries.com www.purecountry.com

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