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Inexpensive Showroom Renovations - Big Impact - Part 1 - Online Article

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Part 1: Retail Renovation Strategies For Small, Medium & Large Investments.

Store Design Magic By Martin Roberts

When we look at retail renovation strategies, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. How much do you need to invest? Can small changes make a big difference? What are some quick steps you can take to refresh your store and give it some new energy? Are the most expensive renovation strategies necessarily the best?

A grand overhaul will almost always be effective, but you want to make sure you get the most bang for the buck. Times are tough, and perhaps you realize that you need to make some changes to your store to differentiate yourself and bring your look up to date in order to survive, but you don’t have a big budget to work with. Or perhaps, like many, you’re somewhere in the middle: you know you want to devote significant resources to a renovation, but you want to keep costs down. In this three-part series, we’ll explore what small, medium and large investments in renovation strategies will yield, looking at specific examples from each category.

Barbados-based Dwellings is a small retailer with one 10,000-square foot store in a warehouse location not devoted to retail. They needed to create a name, brand, identity and store design that would make them a destination store — and because they were just starting out, they needed to implement it all on a very small budget.

The first step was for Dwellings owner Louis Carrilo to determine what he was trying to achieve, and what the store’s brand identity would be. The name Dwellings evokes a sense of both home and leisure, and the tagline “Passion for your home” promised that the store would deliver quality merchandise with bold, fashion-forward looks. The logo further emphasizes this message with a sophisticated, clean-lined font.

With a wide range of merchandise, including glasses, barware, tabletop, decorative accessories, kitchen products, small appliances, pillows, linens and furniture, the store needed to be configured in a way that allowed the merchandise to really pop, and was also flexible enough to be moved around quite frequently as seasons changed.

The design process began by sketching designs for the store layout, always keeping the budget in mind. A sleek, minimalist design was created with modular shelving that allows for both beautiful product display and the flexibility to create new displays often, keeping the store’s look fresh and exciting, which keeps customers coming back to see what’s new.

The floor was kept concrete, which both adds to the modern aesthetic and costs very little. Very few fixtures were added. Everything was kept...

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