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NaturesCast Introduces Bloss Collection

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NaturesCast®, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada announced that they added The Bloss Collection to its line of chic and modern furniture, home décor furnishings and accessories for the home, office or commercial environment. Like the over 100 other products in the line, NaturesCast® uses an innovative process to create functional and artistic furniture and décor from agro-forest waste such as dry leaves, dead twigs and barks from the forests around Compostela, Province of Cebu, Philippines. The materials are shredded through a special machine and bonded together using odorless water based binder then shaped into the unique and functional forms. The Bloss Collection includes a 63 inch long Curl Displayer that can be used as a table or bench or as a display for home décor items. Also included in the collection are the Lilli Planter, Calla Planter and Tulip Planter, which are ideal for use indoors or out. A collection of six pieces of complementary wall art completes the collection. The wall art can be arranged in a group or individually depending on the décor. Wall art pieces available include the Lyre Stick Graphics, X-Thin Thin Graphics, Circle Graphics, Slash Graphics, Arrow Graphics and Bowling Pin Graphics. All products in the new Bloss Collection are unique but classy and come in a variety of colors including natural, black, RC tone, brown and two-tone. The neutrality of these products allows them to fit well with any home, office or commercial décor. The Bloss Collection plus other furniture and accessories in the line are on display at the NaturesCast® permanent showroom at Las Vegas World Market Center, Building C, Suite 785. Besides the Bloss Collection, NaturesCast® has created products and accessories including vases, tables, table accents, wall art, accent pieces, trays, bowls, wine chillers, frames, chairs, stools and many more. Along with local artisans in the Philippines, NaturesCast® owner Pete Delantar designs many of the pieces himself. A Filipino-based eco-friendly master furniture and home accessories manufacturer, NaturesCast®, creates functional and artistic home décor and furniture products. “Each piece is an interesting reflection of the Filipino’s ingenuity and artistry with its clean and elegant lines,” explains Pete Delantar, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of NaturesCast®. “The products carry the warm tones and texture of the natural ingredients where they came from. Each is individually designed by local artisans in The Philippines including myself.” Other Products Also Introduced Besides the Bloss Collection, other products NaturesCast recently introduced include a Rock Planter, Lounge Chair and Coffee Set, Diversity and Sound Ripples Wall Art and Drop Floor Lamps. - The Rock Planter stands approximately 36 inches tall and can be used indoors or out to display plants of all kinds. The chic and modern design of this planter adds style to any room or garden décor. - The Lounge Chair and Coffee Table Set is a neutral decorative furniture set that adds beauty and ambience to any home décor. The coffee table is 36 inches in diameter and stands 6 ½ feet tall. A cushion is available for added comfort with the 30 inch wide Lounge Chair. - The Diversity and Sound Ripples Wall Art pieces add emphasis to any wall or room with unique designs. The art comes in various shapes and formats for individual taste. - The Drop Floor Lamps are ideal accent lighting pieces for any room, large or small. These creative pieces, inspired by water droplets, come in two sizes to suit the lighting needs of any area. The Big Drop Floor Lamp stands 60 inches high and the Small Drop Floor Lamp stands 36 inches high. Other products available from NaturesCast® include vases, tables, table accents, trays, bowls, frames, chairs, stools and many more. About NaturesCast: NaturesCast® is a division of Nature’s Legacy Eximport, Inc. and a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC). The company is owned by Pete and Cathy Delantar, Chief Executive Officer and Vice President respectively. All of the NaturesCast® products are manufactured in one of four plants, owned by Nature’s Legacy in Compostela, The Philippines, and exported to the US, Canada, other Asian countries and Europe. A subsidiary company, NaturesCast®, Inc., is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about any of the NatureCast® furnishings or accessories contact NaturesCast, Inc. at 3485 W. Wigwam Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139, by phone at 702.616.3683, by fax at 702.897.4494,or by email at info@naturescast.com or norrie@naturescast.com. The web site is www.naturescast.com

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