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Artisan House To Introduce 35 Color Infused Metal Sculptures In High Point

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Artisan House announced that the designers and crafters of unique, fine-quality metal sculptures for wall, floor and tabletop, will introduce new colorful items at High Point's October market. "To address continued customer interest in vibrantly-hued pieces, several of Artisan House's new metal sculptures will be alive with color," says John Shilling, the firm's president. "These splashy color additions will attract the eye - and encourage our customers and their clients to be a shade less color conservative when decorating their homes and offices." Artisan House will introduce a total of 35 new items: 28 wall sculptures, five tabletop pieces and two freestanding sculptures. These unique designs, created by seven metal artists, will "lend an impressive breadth to our offerings," Shilling says. In addition, two-piece sets and pieces that can be hung horizontally, vertically or diagonally will allow for increased display versatility. Retail prices for sculptures in Artisan House's High Point collection will remain in the $225 to $700 range. "Despite overseas inflationary pressures, we've kept our line affordable for consumers in today's marketplace," Shilling says. "We understand that our customers and the buying public are more price conscious than they were a year ago." Ohio Artist Joins Artisan House Studio Ohio-based metal artist Nicholas Rust will debut a pair of his signature contemporary designs for Artisan House's C. Jeré Studio at the High Point market - "Logic Salvation" and "Digital Relapse." "Rust's style is very contemporary, geometric and abstract," says head artist Shawn Coffey. "He's known for his ability to seemingly 'paint' with a grinder." A futuristic design reminiscent of a computer motherboard minus the wires, "Digital Relapse" showcases a foreground of two vivid red elements that cover stainless steel circles and rectangles ground with varying patterns at different angles. A Foursome of Finely-Forged Metal Sculptures Among the powerful, precisioned pieces that will roll out in the Artisan House lineup at High Point 2008, four are especially notable. "From the Depth" is an intricate, layered design that grabs attention on all fronts. The plasma-cut steel on each layer is vertically grinded for a hologram-like effect. Hand-cut metal strips are rolled and bent inward to create added depth and visual interest. Finally, top-coated metal dyes transition from gold to green then blue. ("From the Depth" measures 19" x 3" x 36"; retail price, $650.) "Gravity" is the only way to explain what keeps this unique sculpture's "spinning" pair of wheels from flying right off the wall! Each round circle is embellished with flame-treated copper "bolts." A grouping of circular wires brush painted in shades of copper, gold and black forms the black circle's centerpiece. This fabulous focal-point piece can be hung horizontally, diagonally or vertically. ("Gravity" measures 51" x 3" x 36"; retail price, $650.) Resembling pieces of a quilt that have been randomly pieced over and under one another, "Patchwork" is a brightly-colored masterpiece. The sculpture's back plate is crafted of ground steel with diagonal grind marks and a flat finish. In contrast, each collaged "quilt" piece is finished with an airbrushed, high-gloss metal dye. ("Patchwork" measures 28" x 3" x 28"; retail price $650) A circular group that's commissioned with a brilliant mission, "Contingent" is a tour-de-force metal sculpture that is ideal for horizontal or vertical display. Each circle is constructed of ground steel tubing that is patinaed and finished with thick high-gloss metal dye. "The color is like the candy-apple glossy color of yesteryear, only we call it candy-apple blue," Coffey says. "Contingent" also casts fabulous shadows when hung. "It's almost like getting two sculptures for the price of one!" Coffey adds. This piece is also available in a candy-apple red finish and a smaller configuration of circles. ("Contingent" measures 59" x 9" x 24"; retail price, $650.) Artisan House pieces are sold in home furnishing stores, art stores, outdoor furniture stores, and at billiards, pool and spa retailers. Commercial customers include major department stores like Nordstrom, restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos. The firm's permanent showrooms are located in High Point (IHFC Design Center, Space D208) and Las Vegas (World Market Center, Space A-300). Artisan House has also exhibited at the Tokyo Furniture Market; Interiors Birmingham; Atlanta Gift Market; New York Art Expo Show; Maison et Objet; ASEAN Furniture Show (Singapore); Ambiente Frankfurt; Furnitex, Melbourne; and Interiors UAE (Dubai). For additional information about Artisan House, contact the company at 800.354.6873; 336.889.3426 (High Point showroom); or artisanhouse.com. About Artisan House, Inc.(r): Founded in 1964 by partners Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler and headquartered in Burbank, California, Artisan House designs and crafts unique, fine-quality metal sculptures for wall, floor and tabletop. Sculptures are handcrafted of rich metals like copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome. Each piece is hand finished with intriguing surface treatments, paints and patinas. The company's vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional "metalworks of art." Artisan House has successfully closed the gap between pricey offerings from exclusive art galleries and mass-produced decorative pieces by creating original sculptures with unparalleled designs at affordable prices. The result infuses today's indoor and outdoor environments with dazzle and dimension.

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