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Classic Sleep Products CEO Mike Zippelli fired off a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today with an offer to donate 535 mattresses immediately to the U.S. Capitol so that members of Congress could stay in session 24/7 and still have the ability to take a rest, while trying to iron out a solution to the nation’s worsening financial crisis. “I was watching John McCain announce the suspension of his campaign this afternoon and said to my leadership team that it doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle you are on, solving this crisis is paramount. Congress should be in session 24/7 until this issue is resolved, and I’ll make sure we give them the tools to take some naps on the Hill, but stay in session until this problem is resolved,” said Zippelli. “The home furnishings category and the mattress industry in particular has been terribly affected by the sluggish economy and if in this small way I can make a contribution to resolve this problem, I want to do it,” he added. Zippelli said he was choosing his “Classic by Dormia” line for the solons. It is an 8-inch profile, visco elastic memory foam and offers orthopedic support with a high performance base. For more information, visit www.abed.com.

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