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Yipit Launches Website That Makes Furniture Store Inventories Searchable By Consumers

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Yipit, a New York specialty furniture search company, has recently released a service connecting shoppers to showrooms. The Yipit website allows consumers to search every Manhattan furniture showroom for the type of piece they want to buy. It is available at: http://www.yipit.com The Yipit team visits every single furniture showroom and indexes the types of products they sell. This allows shoppers to not only find the furniture showrooms with the widest selection but also allow more specific searches like which stores carry the most discount modern leather couches. Yipit addresses the problem of frustrating furniture search results: “New Yorkers search more than a million times a month for furniture items. But, with disappointing search results, they usually end up at a handful of well-known retail chains,” says co-founder Jim Moran. “Now with Yipit, shoppers can specify the type, style, materials and price range of the piece they want, and see every showroom that carries it.” For the past nine months, Yipit has gathered data on store offerings and organized it in a consumer-friendly way. The process requires collecting over 400 points of data from all 368 New York City showrooms. Co-Founder Vinicius Vacanti added, “by connecting shoppers to the stores offering the pieces they want, we provide value to every furniture showroom in Manhattan.” Yipit has also begun establishing partnerships with several furniture showrooms, who wish to distinguish themselves amongst the basic search results. Retailers interested in learning more should contact Jim Moran at (212) 340-8060. For more information, visit the company blog: http://blog.yipit.com

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