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Bellini Furniture Live on Vision R8

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of technology solutions and services for Big Ticket retailers of all sizes, announced that Bellini (Chicago), a franchise of Bellini Corporate, has gone live on STORIS’ Vision R8 SaaS (Software as a Service). A leading designer of juvenile furnishings, Bellini offers a vast collection of custom-made bedding and accessories. Bellini, located in Chicago, IL, was running their business manually. They were looking for a software system to fully integrate their business operations and help them become more efficient. After a thorough research process, they found a perfect fit and selected STORIS as their premier solution. Cindy Hudgins, Owner of Bellini stated, “Vision R8 has assisted us in numerous areas, including helping us analyze our top selling products through robust analytic options, and we’ve been able to eliminate order errors, better manage exchanges, and discounts. Additionally, we can now accurately and precisely track each piece of our retail inventory allowing us to see exactly what we have in our warehouse.” Hudgins concludes “We are very happy not only with the software, but also with the excellent service we have received from STORIS.” About Vision R8: Vision R8 provides the most comprehensive family of adaptive business applications for retailers of all sizes. The Vision R8 solution provides best of breed features built for complete integration, unlimited scalability, and easy, secure processing. At the foundation of Vision R8 lies a real-time system that integrates all the essential aspects of retail operations, from Point of Sale, Customer Service, and Business Intelligence Analytics, to InTouch CRM, Financial Management and eCommerce. STORIS Management Systems, an IBM Business Partner, provides leading Retail Solutions and World-Class Services to Big Ticket retailers. Over 350 retailers, small and large, have installed STORIS Solutions worldwide to integrate operations, streamline processes and outperform the competition.

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