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Singapore Furniture Industries Council Announces Executive Committee Members

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The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) recently announced the new Executive Committee for 2008/2010. Mr Andrew Ng, Managing Director of Kiat Lee Industries Pte Ltd has been re-elected as President of SFIC for a second term. During his two years at the helm, Mr Ng oversaw the successful launch of several strategic SFIC initiatives. These include the official opening of International Furniture Centre in December 2007, a key SFIC initiative that Mr Ng had personally led since its inception and the launch of the Singapore furniture industry brand, Singapore Mozaic in March 2008. Mr Ng will continue to play an important role in the development and implementation of several exciting SFIC industry programmes and networking events that are currently on the drawing board. “I am honoured to be re-elected to the post of president once again. Supported by the new and highly capable Executive Committee members, we will continue to push forth and actively grow the programmes that we have successfully put into place. Although the current economic climate is challenging, we will not be slowing down. In fact, it has become more important for us to further develop and implement new strategies and initiatives that will help propel the local furniture industry to a prominent position in this competitive world market. Our priority remains with promoting the interests of our members, the local Singapore furniture industry players, and to help our industry weather the current financial situation,” said Mr Andrew Ng. “I’m also very pleased to have again the opportunity to work with Mr Neo Sia Meng, Executive Director of Four Star Industries Pte Ltd, Mr Jerry Tan, Managing Director of Jaco Singapore Pte Ltd and Mr Kenny Koh, Managing Director of Star Furniture Industries Pte Ltd, all of whom were re-elected to resume their posts as vice-presidents. They bring with them many strengths – Jerry and Kenny are highly experienced in regionalisation and marketing, and Sia Meng has been a key supporter and contributor to our successful local enterprise development and training programmes. In addition, Tony Pang, who was re-elected to resume the post of Honorary Secretary, also chairs the International Furniture Fair Singapore Show Advisory Panel. The committee members all bring with them unique expertises and extensive experiences in the different aspects of the furniture industry and the combined strengths of this A-team will surely result in a very exciting year ahead.” He continued. In the other appointments, Mr Steven Chew, Chief Operating Officer of Sitra Holdings (International) Limited was elected Honorary Treasurer, while Ms Alison Kwok, Managing Director of Cathay Decoration & Construction Pte Ltd was appointed as Assistant Honorary Treasurer. Mr Andrew Pang, Creative Director of Lavaworks has also joined the committee as a co-opt member. Together with Mr Simon Ong, Managing Director of Kingsmen Projects Pte Ltd who chairs both the International Design Advisory Panel and the Design Development Committee, Mr Pang will continue to lead various design and technology initiatives such as Furniture Design Award, FL!P Challenge and PLATFORM. The Executive Committee also welcomes Mr Ernie Koh, Executive Director of Richin Furniture Décor Pte Ltd as the newly appointed Assistant Honorary Secretary. The SFIC Executive Committee consists of prominent local furniture players who will work together to spearhead the Council’s mission of establishing Singapore as a premier furniture hub. The members of the SFIC Executive Committee 2008/2010 are as follows: - President: Mr Andrew Ng, Managing Director, Kiat Lee Industries Pte Ltd - Vice-President: Mr Neo Sia Meng, Executive Director, Four Star Industries Pte Ltd - Vice-President: Mr Jerry Tan, Managing Director, Jaco Singapore Pte Ltd - Vice-President: Mr Kenny Koh, Managing Director, Star Furniture Industries Pte Ltd - Honorary Secretary: Mr Tony Pang, General Manager, V-Mark Woodcraft (S) Pte Ltd - Honorary Treasurer: Mr Steven Chew, Chief Operating Officer, Sitra Holdings (International) Limited - Assistant Honorary Secretary: Mr Ernie Koh, Executive Director, Richin Furniture Décor Pte Ltd - Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Ms Alison Kwok, Managing Director, Cathay Decoration & Construction Pte Ltd Executive Committee Members: - Mr Sim Kah Choon, Managing Director, Abitex Designs (S) Pte Ltd - Mr Jimmy Tan, Director, Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd - Mr Choo Yong Fee, Deputy Managing Director, Cheng Meng Furniture Co. Pte Ltd - Mr Jeffrey Yong, Vice President, Eurosa Furniture Co (Pte) Ltd - Mr Quah Soon Chow, Vice President, Getz Bros & Co (S) Pte Ltd - Mr Por Khay Ti, Deputy Group Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, HTL International Holdings Ltd - Mr Simon Ong, Managing Director, Kingsmen Projects Pte Ltd - Mr James Koh, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Koda Ltd - Mr James Goh, Executive Chairman, Lorenzo International Ltd Co-Opt members: - Mr Richard Koh, Chief Operating Officer, Buylateral Group Pte Ltd - Mr Tony Lin, President, Eurosa Furniture Co (Pte) Ltd - Mr Andrew Pang, Creative Director, Lavaworks About Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC): SFIC was established in 1981 as the official representative body of Singapore's furniture industry. It currently represents 95 per cent of established furniture manufacturers in Singapore, of whom 65 per cent have subsidiary manufacturing plants in the region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Its primary role is to promote the interests of its members and the Singapore furniture industry. Many of its initiatives aim to facilitate members’ exposure to the world market, develop local talent and encourage entrepreneurship. SFIC organises the annual Furniture Design Award and PLATFORM to spur trendsetting furniture designs from Asia. SFIC is the parent company of IFFS Pte Ltd and IFFS Pte Ltd is the organiser of the International Furniture Fair Singapore. It also manages the International Furniture Centre, a year-round platform for international buyers to source and trade for a wide range of quality, well-designed furniture from Singapore and the region. To ensure the industry’s growth and viability, SFIC continues to forge close partnerships with the government and trade-related agencies to harness technology, knowledge and information for effective strategic planning.

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