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Personal Sales Tips For Slow Days - Online Article

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A small attitude adjustment and a few reminders of  important sales do’s and dont’s can get you back on track.

Managing “Me Inc.” - By Cathy Finney

“Human beings have an inalienable right to reinvent themselves.” -Germaine Greer-

More than a few home furnishings retailers saw lower traffic and sales this summer. How did that make your sales and design associates feel? Well, their attitude in this tight economy probably depends on their personality type.

Gerhard Gschwandtner publisher of “Selling Power,” points out five personality types that are particularly vulnerable to changes that often accompany economic downturns.

Approval Seekers: Managers have to readjust during a slow economy. “Seekers” get less attention. They feel more inadequate, and their performance falls.

Perfectionists: During these stressful times, perfectionists suffer from depression. They tend to equate uncertainty with anxiety. This personality needs to now work harder & smarter.

Worrywarts: They are doom & gloom. They create disaster scenarios in their minds. These people need to focus on each step of the sales process. They need to concentrate on goals & monitor their sales. Worrywarts also need to find a way to disengage from their thoughts of doom and gloom. One way is to go on a media diet. Stop watching cable news and reading newspapers for the week. Instead, take this time to do something positive for yourself. Don’t engage in negative conversations either. Going on this kind of diet just may improve your outlook… and you don’t need to give up carbs!
Pathological Optimists: They delude themselves into thinking that they don’t need to change the way they approach the sales process.

The Easily Frustrated: These sales associates complain that they’ve been working too hard and that life is not fair. They need to be reminded that everyone may be in the same boat, but they are in control of their own sales volume.

If your people are having a hard time staying “up” for their “UPS,” just get them to follow these simple steps:

  • Get out from behind the desk, counter, or station area.
  • Do not sit, stand, or meander anywhere near the front door.
  • DO NOT FLUFF (They know what you’re doing!)
  • Misery loves company, but not your company!

Yes, I know it can be very hard on your ego, your morale and on your wallet when all the financial experts speak of doom and gloom. Yes, the cost of filling up your tank keeps getting higher, the world situation seems dismal and the stock market bounces like a yo-yo. It becomes increasingly difficult not to “BUY IN” and then… you may come down with a case of Excusitis. You know that you have a particularly bad case when you hear yourself saying…

  • “We don’t have any traffic. I only had 2 “ups”all day!”
  • “We’re not running any advertising.”
  • Everybody’s just wants to “browse.”
  • “They’re all rude!”

So, Where are those 2 opportunities? What did you do with them? Why did they come in to the store? What did they want to buy for their room and when did they want it? If traffic is slow, get into your follow–up files. Pick up the phone, get those be-backs back. Remember that close rates on return customers can be 80% or more. Pros create their own traffic.

If advertising budgets are squeezed and face diminishing returns, do your own advertising. Get on the phone, contact old clients, send out mailers and emails, ask for referrals and prospect for new customers. Conduct your own in-store events.

Don’t worry about browsers. Of course people want to browse. They don’t know if they want to own anything you have in your store. They are not there to...

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