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Henry Simon Fine American Furniture Takes A Ski Day

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The Home Furnishings Independent's Asoociation reported that one of their retail members Henry Simon Furniture Co., Madison, WI decided to close the store for a day of particularly bad weather. Instead of posting a "Gone Fishing" sign, they did the following: Making fun out of foul weather. In a creative response to the approaching snow storm, Henry Simon Fine American Furniture posted this sign in the front door of the store, for Tuesday December 9th. “If you’re crazy enough to be out in this weather, please join us at Tyrol Basin for a ski day - WE’RE CLOSED”. The owners decided to give the staff a holiday break and let everyone go skiing. “The weather has given us all an opportunity to spend a little extra quality time with family, friends, and customers too; isn’t that truly what the holiday spirit is all about,” stated Sam Boeke one of the owners of the store. Dean Guerdet the other owner responded, “Not everyone can afford to go on the big ski vacation in the Rockies this year, but Madison has endless opportunities and is a wonderful place to live and work, and for that we are thankful!”

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