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Success Secret #2 From Furniture Training Company: The Demonstration

Furniture World News Desk on 6/11/2019

One of the most overlooked and important elements of the coaching process is showing how something should be accomplished. In fact, showing someone how to complete a task is far more effective than telling them how to complete the task. Whether the task is closing a sale, loading a truck or operating a piece of equipment - a demonstration (or multiple demonstrations) should be a core element of all training.

For example, here is a process you could use to teach a new greeting to your sales staff. First, introduce the greeting. Tell them important ideas about the greeting including why you prefer it, when it should be used, the steps of the greeting, and so forth. After the introduction you should demonstrate it to them via role play and by greeting a few customers. Once you've done this they'll be ready to practice with each other and then to use it with their actual customers.

Demonstrate every task you expect your employees to do. Don't let them wonder how to perform their responsibilities. They'll have less frustration and more success when you show them how.


About Mike Petersen: Dr. Mike Petersen is the president and co-founder of The Furniture Training Company (FTC). Mike's extensive educational background in learning and teaching is why FTC is able to create instruction that actually changes behavior and improves sales success.

About The Furniture Training Company: Designed to improve sales success, the Furniture Training Company's online sales training program has been used in more than 1,000 retail locations by over 30,000 salespeople. FTC is the creator of custom sales training for such notable companies as Klaussner, Cozzia, Guardsman, and O.W. Lee.

Mike Petersen can be reached by calling 866-755-5996 or emailing mikep@furnituretraining

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