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MicroD Launches COVID-19 Response Program to Support Retail and Manufacturing Clients

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MicroD, a web technology provider for the home furnishings industry, announced that it is launching a program for its retailer and manufacturer clients in response to the COVID-19 impacts on the retail industry. The COVID-19 Response Program launched free of charge for all MicroD clients to include website enhancements and communication to consumers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to promote more online showroom traffic in lieu of in-store visits.


This COVID-19 Response Plan includes enhanced website functionality to maintain superior consumer experiences in a time of increased website traffic. MicroD’s team has noticed an increase in overall traffic across the company’s over 400 retail websites due to the increasing quarantine measures implemented across the United States. To better ensure all MicroD websites continue to deliver excellent response in light of this online traffic increase, MicroD proactively implemented Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Traffic Routing for all of its websites. Used by millions of websites, Cloudflare offers Argo Smart Routing which enables MicroD website traffic to be routed in real-time over the fastest and most reliable paths even as conditions change.


In addition to the technical components of routing increased website traffic for its clients, MicroD implemented a COVID-19 Communication Plan for its retail and manufacturing clients. The plan would enable MicroD clients to prioritize and showcase pertinent store and brand communication to consumers visiting the retail website. Clients on MicroD’s website platform, OmniVue, have the ability to proactively communicate with consumers through their website banners and landing pages on the store’s steps to protect the consumers and staff during this crisis.


To communicate further with its consumers, retailers who work with MicroD can now take advantage of a third tier of service in the company’s COVID-19 Response Program by leveraging MicroD’s newest partnership with LiveChat, a tool that facilitates communication between a company and its customers through online messaging. MicroD and LiveChat will offer MicroD clients the opportunity to implement this communication tool during a critical time for consumers free of charge for 60 days. MicroD advisor teams will work with retailers and manufacturers to build a virtual shopping strategy, utilizing these tools within the COVID-19 Response Program.


“MicroD’s first and foremost responsibility is to do everything we can to help our customer’ businesses.   While COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for all businesses, we want to do our absolute best  to partner with the industry and our clients to see companies through this pandemic,” said MicroD CEO, Manoj Nigam. “Now more than ever, the online presence is critical for retailers and manufacturers to outlast this crisis.  With our COVID-19 Response Program we are  leveraging our technology, talent of our people and  dedicated service to  work with our clients on best ways to fight this crisis together.”


For more information about MicroD’s COVID-19 Response Program, visit https://www.microdinc.com/blog/covid-19-response-program/


About MicroD: MicroD is a leading web technology partner in the home furnishings industry. The complete suite of solutions offers both manufacturer brands and retailers the opportunity to grow their home furnishings business with an omnichannel approach. This suite combines ecommerce website platform, product catalog data, digital marketing, 3D visualization technology, interactive product visualization, electronic data interchange, and customer engagement solutions.


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