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High Point’s “First Tuesday” Announces Full Year Schedule

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“First Tuesday” Committee has announced the full schedule of dates for 2021. Originally the committee had established dates thruough March of this year.  Based on the success of the first two events, the committee understands the importance of creating a full year calendar that responds to the ongoing interest and commitment, regarding the First Tuesday once a month event.

At the recent committee meeting, several initiatives were discussed to enhance the value and expand the importance of the First Tuesday buying event. These initiatives will be announced to the industry as they are rolled out over the next couple of weeks. However, the most important item is the full year's calendar dates which will enable retail buyers and vendors to formulate plans moving forward.

Announced dates will continue to adhere to the First Tuesday of the month and maintain open showrooms for 3 days. The dates for 2021 starting with February 2021 are as follows:

February 2nd thru 4th
March 2nd thru 4th
April 6th thru 8th
May 4th thru 6th
June  – Same date as Spring High Point Market
July 6th thru 8th
August 3rd thru 5th
Sept 7th thru 9th
October Market High Point Dates
November 2nd thru 4th
December 7th Thru 9th

“Understanding that the Pandemic concerns will be part of our lives moving forward it becomes important to create different retail buying solutions for our industry. The First Tuesday concept was established to offer retailers an opportunity to shop for new products in a safe and individualized environment. High Point permanent showrooms create the most effective environment with the major suppliers already having locations, to showcase products all year long” states Kevin Castellani Committee Chair for First Tuesday.

Castellani states, “with the ongoing increased consumer demand for furniture products the necessity for retailers to review new product offerings, becomes more important today than ever before. Knowing that traditional furniture markets will be affected by the pandemic the industry needs alternatives in taking care of business”.

This past First Tuesday event showcased over 100 open showrooms in High Point. Most showrooms are seeing retail customers only by prearranged appointments so all safety measures and government guidelines could be met. The High Point Market Authority supported the event along with the Major High Point Building owners to make sure all visitors were welcome and protected.

The Committee believes that having the full year's published calendar of First Tuesdays dates will make it easier for the industry to make plans moving forward.

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