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Ultrafabrics Launch New Indoor/Outdoor Performance Fabric, Coast

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Ultrafabrics, the animal-free performance fabric producer, announced the launch of Coast, a new indoor/outdoor performance fabric created with the effects of Mother Nature in mind. It provides  comfort and protection for both indoor and outdoor settings. The new collection hosts a range of resilient properties and features designed to combat even the toughest climates.


Coast is water-resistant to environments where both chlorinated and salt water are a danger to furniture. It features enhanced UV resistance and colorfastness to sunlight, and remains cool to the touch even on the hottest summer days.


It is also engineered to defend against and inhibit the growth of mildew, bacteria, and other surface pathogens, making it well-suited for a range of demanding spaces. The new fabric has inherent stain protection and can withstand regular cleaning and disinfection, including with bleach solutions.


Jennifer Hendren, Senior Director of Product Development says of the launch, “With Coast, we are excited to bring excellence to outdoor living, whether oceanside at a hotel resort, poolside at home or to any of our marine partners. Natural elements are a force to be reckoned with, and we are pleased clients can trust Coast to bring quality and protection to their performance fabric investment”


Ultrafabrics has long been a partner and resource for brands to future-proof their products with trend-setting color choices. The brand’s growing client list of luxury brands spans many industries, from residential and contract furniture to upholstery for cars, yachts, airlines and private jets.


Inspired by where land meets the sea, Coast has a subtle pebble-like texture that’s elevated by an incredibly soft touch. Its curated color palette embodies the soft hues and soothing qualities found at the coastline. Sixteen shades of sand, driftwood, coral, sea glass and sky blues celebrate the organic beauty of nature and seamlessly integrate with any design aesthetic.



Tried and tested in the real world


Ultrafabrics has gone above and beyond with its testing protocols to offer peace of mind to specifiers and end-users. For 2 years, the Ultrafabrics team followed two marine manufacturers to understand how Coast fabric performed in real-time. It was exposed to sun, water, stains, kids, pets, and cleaning solutions.


At the same time, the brand conducted weathering tests in the dry heat of Arizona and the hot and humid climate of Florida. For one year Coast sat out in the sun, rain, and everything in between, to test its aesthetic stability and overall endurance.


They found that all colors in the Coast collection will retain not only their appearance but most importantly the performance attributes will remain throughout its use, no matter the setting.

Technical Specs:

Superior performance with 14+ weeks hydrolysis resistance 400,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek), 180,000 rubs (Martindale) Withstands regular cleaning and disinfection

Mildew and water resistant, including chlorinated and salt water

Enhanced UV colorfastness - 1000 hours (ASTM G154) and Grade 4 at 1,500 kilojoules (SAE J2527)

Stays cool to the touch, even on hot and sticky summer days

EPA-registered antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacteria SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified and REACH compliant


Coast is available to order now.




About Ultrafabrics

Ultrafabrics is a range of premium, animal-free materials that are reshaping the world of performance fabrics. Crafted in their Japanese mill using the proprietary production process, Takumi (meaning artisan) Technology, their passion is the creation of unrivaled sensorial experiences. 2021 will see the launch of UF Select, their dynamic and cost- conscious offering manufactured in Mexico which explores color, texture and performance.

Ultrafabrics’ continuous investment in innovation, research and development has resulted in a range of polyurethanes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The brand’s growing client list of luxury brands spans many industries, from residential and contract furniture, to upholstery for cars, yachts, airlines, and private jets.



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