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Weekly Furniture Management Tip # 94 - A Good Leader...

Furniture World News Desk on 5/28/2013

by Roy Miller, President
Country View Woodworking


  1. understands that recognition and appreciation, properly administered, is a key motivator.

  2. realizes that recognition and appreciation is NOT a valid method of motivation when used to manipulate, rather than encourage, associates.

  3. is aware that recognition and appreciation that is founded on specific facts is more meaningful than addressing accolades in generalities.

  4. knows the utilization of recognition and appreciation is most meaningful when it is closest to the specific performance or act of merit that is being addressed.

  5. believes that employing recognition and appreciation that is justified takes no more than a minute, and costs nothing. 

These weekly “Monday Morning Management Tips” are jointly provided by both Country View Woodworking and Furniture World.

About Country View Woodworking: Did you know CVW wine cabinets are not only functional to preserve your favorite beverage but also add ambiance to your family and party rooms? Comments about these weekly tips can be directed to Roy Miller (Country View Woodworking http://www.cvwltd.com) care of editor@furninfo.com.
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