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Easy Furniture Web Tip #345 “Since …” is Better than “Over …”

Furniture World News Desk on 9/13/2023

When I first started out in my web copywriting career, I often had clients who had been in business many years. It was a cool copy point to say, “We’ve been in business more than 30 years, so we’re doing something right.”

I happily wrote copy like that and often mentioned it on more than one page on the website.

Well, as the years rolled along, every five years or so, I realized we needed to update those pages. I would do so, but, to my chagrin, I often missed pages.

For example, the home page would read, “We’ve been in business more than 35 years,” while an interior page stated “... more than 30 years.”


It was getting to be a problem. Then, I had a brilliant idea. Why not just write “We’ve been in business since 1995.”

It was a duh moment for me.

By using a “since” phrase,” you don’t have to keep adjusting your copy over the years.

Of course, if you prefer you can still “tout over 30 years” in business, but just be careful. Take good notes on which pages you’ve included that phrase so you can update. Thoroughly.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 345: Stating “In business since …” simplifies your messaging.

P.S. Don’t you just love business “duh” moments? If you have a good one, let me know.



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