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Salone del Mobile.Milano Obtains ISO 20121 Certification for Sustainable Events Management

Furniture World News Desk on 9/15/2023

Design with Nature - Mario Cucinella Architects @ Diego Ravier Courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano
Design with Nature - Mario Cucinella Architects @ Diego Ravier Courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano

In conjunction with New York Climate Week (September 17th-24th) and the Nest ClimateCampus Forum (September 19th-21st), a platform dedicated to sharing sustainability practices, solutions, and effective policies to combat climate change, Salone del Mobile.Milano reaffirms its own commitment to sustainable change. The event, held in partnership with the United Nations General Assembly, convenes delegates, political leaders, business professionals, and environmental activists from around the world to network and exchange insights on addressing today's climate challenges.

Salone del Mobile.Milano has achieved several significant milestones on its path to responsible and inclusive development. Notably, the event has earned ISO20121 certification for sustainable events management, following comprehensive efforts to prevent, mitigate, and offset any potential adverse environmental or societal impacts associated with the 2023 edition. The certification process was conducted by the multinational certification company RINA.

This certification not only acknowledges and applauds the ethical and sustainable journey of Salone del Mobile.Milano but also serves as a foundation for continuous improvement in the event management system. It underscores the event's commitment to sustainable practices, assures compliance with greenwashing standards, and paves the way for further ecological coexistence of fairs and the environment. This achievement reflects a rational and forward-thinking approach towards advancing the sustainability transformation of the sector.

Maria Porro, President of Salone del Mobile.Milano, expressed her pride in this significant achievement: "I am extremely proud that the trade fair has achieved this major milestone. The credit goes to the work and commitment of a whole team that has enthusiastically undertaken all the activities and initiatives this year, making the change within our value chain even more tangible and concrete. I see this certification as a new starting point, and we aim to become a point of reference and inspiration for the sector as a whole by following an ethical business model that intelligently responds to the complex challenges ahead."

To underscore its commitment to inclusive, responsible, and sustainable development and to showcase its accomplishments, Salone del Mobile.Milano will actively participate in the Sustainable Italy initiative. This initiative, organized by the Italian Consulate General in New York in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and coordinated by the Italian Embassy in Washington, highlights Italy's excellence in environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Italy will feature exemplary case studies of Italian companies embracing ecological and climate transition as essential growth factors. Numerous discussions and debates are planned on this subject. Salone del Mobile.Milano's contribution to the event will include the presentation of "Design with Nature," an installation created in collaboration with architect Mario Cucinella in 2022, during the 60th-anniversary edition of the trade fair. The installation explores themes such as circular economy and reuse, with a focus on cities as potential reserves of the future, where raw materials for construction can be sourced sustainably.

By participating in this event, Salone del Mobile.Milano aims to share its perspectives on ethics, circularity, domestic space, participatory architecture, urban regeneration, and upcycling with an international audience of cultural influencers. The event organizers hope that these insights will inspire effective solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.



About Salone del Mobile.Milano
Salone del Mobile.Milano is a leading international trade fair for the furniture and design industry. With a commitment to sustainability and responsible development, Salone del Mobile.Milano aims to inspire positive change within the sector and serve as a beacon of ethical business practices. For more information, visit www.salonemilano.it.