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imagine.io Launches 'Test Drive' Program for 3D Configurator to Boost Online Furniture Sales

Furniture World News Desk on 11/22/2023

imagine.io, a pioneer in 3D content production for the home furnishings industry, has announced a 'Test Drive' program aimed at assisting manufacturers and retailers in integrating 3D visualization technology into their e-commerce platforms. Starting Monday, November 27, through the end of December, companies can sign up for a four-month free trial of imagine.io's 3D configurator solution.

The initiative by imagine.io is a direct response to the hesitation within the industry regarding the adoption of 3D configurators. The trial program allows businesses to fully integrate the configurator into their websites at no cost, providing a real-world demonstration of its effectiveness in improving online sales and buyer confidence.

Preet Singh, the Founder and CEO of imagine.io, expressed, “Our aim is to alleviate any apprehensions by demonstrating the substantial benefits and seamless integration of our 3D configurators. We’re confident that this will ensure customer satisfaction with the technology's performance and overall impact on sales.”

3D configurators offer a more dynamic and interactive alternative to traditional 2D images, transforming digital storefronts into virtual showrooms. These advanced visual tools allow customers to view products in various configurations and settings, leading to increased sales conversions, customer satisfaction, and a notable reduction in product returns.

Industry studies have underscored the effectiveness of 3D configurators, revealing that consumers are 11 times more likely to buy products with a 3D visualization option, and businesses experience a 66 percent boost in sales conversions compared to 2D imaging. Additionally, the implementation of 3D technology has led to a 35 percent decrease in product returns.

Kim McRee, Vice President of eCommerce at Mantle Furniture, shared her experience: “The product configurators by imagine.io have elevated our merchandising and customer experience, significantly shortening our sales cycle and increasing sales with the support of their team in achieving our e-commerce objectives.”

Companies interested in the 'Test Drive' program can visit the imagine.io website to book a free demo of the Product Configurators. imagine.io is dedicated to simplifying 3D content creation, offering a SaaS cloud-based rendering software with a pay-per-image model or a paid subscription for unlimited renders. While initially focused on home furnishings, imagine.io is expanding its services to additional markets. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit imagine.io.



About imagine.io
imagine.io is a 3D technology platform democratizing content creation by making 3D simple—helping companies save time and money while producing stunning visuals proven to outperform studio photography. The SaaS cloud-based rendering software is available to use for free, with a pay-per-image model, or through a paid subscription that allows customers to take advantage of unlimited renders for the life of their subscription. Built for the home furnishings industry, the company is swiftly moving into other verticals. For more information or to book a demo, visit imagine.io.