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Ekornes Introduces Stressless Anna Sofa in North America

Furniture World News Desk on 2/7/2024

Ekornes, the Norwegian furniture producer known for its high-quality, innovative and luxurious recliners and furniture, announces the introduction of the Stressless Anna sofa, adding another power sofa to the Stressless lineup with innovative modular components and close-to zero gravity function.

The new Stressless Anna is a beautiful customizable power modular sofa, says Peter Bjerregaard, President, Ekornes, Inc. “But the really interesting part of this new sofa by Stressless is all the built-in function that is hidden beneath its beauty.”

Ergonomic Comfort

The Stressless Anna is equipped with multiple comfort elements for maximum comfort, including the patented Stressless Comfort zones and durable moulded foam creating a feeling of ultimately sinking into the seat.

The new Stressless Anna sofa is available with manual or built-in power headrests. The motorized reclining seat lays back farther than any other Stressless power seat, allowing the user’s legs to be raised to a horizontal position, giving a feeling of true relaxation and the many health benefits that ensue when the legs are elevated.

“There are many benefits to reclining in a position where your legs are elevated horizontally,” says Beverly Kastel, Marketing Director. “With an equal distribution of weight in the body, the customer can experience reduced heart rate, increased blood circulation and full body pressure relief, providing the ultimate in ergonomic comfort.”

Versatile and Customizable

The Stressless Anna is truly a customizable sofa with the ability to meet the needs of any size room or family. The range of modules extends from single manual or power seats to create a love seat or traditional sized sofa. To make a sectional the Stressless Anna components include a generous corner seat, two size long seats, end and center modules and a choice of two different armrests and two different types of legs. The entire range of Stressless leathers and upholstery coverings are available for the Stressless Anna to create a unique and personal piece of furniture.

“The possibilities are endless with the Stressless Anna,” says Kastel. “With so many different types of modules to choose from the end user can create a seating system that looks more traditional, or they can go in a different direction for a modern look. It really just depends on their personal preference and what style they are looking for.”

Scandinavian Design

The new Stressless Anna offers this superior ergonomic support in a lighter sofa design. With it’s unique space-saving design it only requires 2.5 inches distance to the wall so it won’t overtake a room design. One power supply for 3 seats creates a neat look and requires fewer power outlets.

“We are proud of our Norwegian heritage which is not only reflected in the product development of Stressless Anna but also in all of our product categories,” says Kastel. “The Norwegian way of life brings an appreciation for the undisturbed, natural things in life and there is nothing more natural than providing your body with the relaxation it requires. Our entire brand is built on comfort innovations and Stressless Anna delivers on that promise just as well as our long line of  Stressless recliners, sofas and dining chairs have for decades.”

MRP for a power 3-seat Stressless Anna in Paloma (mid-grade) leather starts around $12,995.



About Ekornes
Ekornes is the largest furniture manufacturer in Norway and owns the brand names of Ekornes®, Stressless®, Svane®, and IMG. Ekornes sells its products in 43 countries, maintains 18 sales offices in 11 countries, runs more than 4,000 sales outlets, and operates 10 production units in 4 countries. Over 10 million stressless seats have been sold since the introduction of the brands first recliner in 1971. Each day, more than 1300 Stressless seats are produced in the Group’s factories on the west coast of Norway. An assembly factory in Morganton, NC serves the North American market with Stressless sofas, power recliners and accessories. For more information, visit  www.ekornes.com.