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Love Furniture Profits Tip: 5 Marketing Secrets You Can Profit From (Secret Tip #4)

Furniture World News Desk on 12/7/2014

By David Love
Love Furniture Profits

Claude C. Hopkins, considered to be the father of scientific advertising, said, “Advertising is salesmanship. Its principles are the principles of salesmanship. The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales. It is not for general effect. It is not to keep your name before the people. Treat it as a salesman. Force it to justify itself.”
I think sometimes we forget this. How many times have you heard ad reps say, “Well, you can't really expect results from XYZ advertising. You just have to keep your name out there.” Or, “You have to run the same ad 5 – 7 times to get results.”

Or, “You need more white space.” (A favorite of agencies.) Or, “Your ad is too cluttered.” Or, “Nobody’s going to read all the copy.”

Do you know why ad reps, agencies and others talk like this? Because if they can convince you to only be interested in how your ad looks, or how often you advertise, you won’t force them to justify the expense of their ads.

Would you have a salesperson on your floor for whom you would not track results? Justify keeping him/her? Offer more training?

Advertising is justified for one reason only. To get more business.
So, you might be asking, who advertises only for response? Only for results? Where can I see examples of what you're talking about?

The answer? Direct response advertisers. Advertisers who have no stores. No salespeople. They do it by mail. They do it by ads in newspapers around the country. They do it in Sunday inserts. By the way, I'm not saying ads shouldn’t look good. Of course, they should. What I am saying, is that looking good is not the primary thing. If you missed my article about how to create ad Layouts that sell, let me know.
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What is Secret #5? To be revealed next week.

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About David Love and Love Furniture Profits. Love Furniture Profits is an advertising consulting and coaching firm that works with smaller to medium size furniture and mattress stores that want better results from their advertising.

David is a 42 year furniture/mattress, in the trenches, industry veteran. His background includes retail furniture sales. Manager of a retail furniture store. 22 years on the road making money for companies like Sealy Mattress and Best Chairs. His territory and his retailers achieved sometimes remarkable sales increases due to the expert advertising and sales advice he gave. He has also owned and sold his own profitable store and was a highly regarded sales manager of a top 100 furniture store.

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