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Love Furniture Profits Tip: Try This “Can’t Miss” Ad Headline Formula.

Furniture World News Desk on 6/22/2015

By David Love
Love Furniture Profits.

Testimonials make great ad headlines.

A Testimonial headline is one of the best types you can use. Especially today, as studies show more and more people are depending on on-line and other reviews. What others have to say about you is infinitely more believable that what you say about yourself. Testimonials have been used in advertising as far back as we can go. If you don’t have a method in place to ask for and capture testimonials, you should. At least one should be in every ad you run and there should be several on your web site. I see some testimonials on web sites, but virtually never in ads.

Here are some of examples. Try one or more in your next ad.

  • “I've never slept better than I do now on my new mattress from Hometown Mattress.” Susan Jones, Anytown.
  • “I love the sofa I got from Hometown Furniture” Mary Smith. Sometown.
  • “My special order came much faster than they said it would.” Heather Homemaker. Mytown. 
  • “My friends all love my new living room.” Beth Bassett, Othertown. 

Immediately after the headline, show the entire testimonial. Include their full name and where they live. If you serve multiple towns, be sure to have testimonials from as many of those locales as you can. Of course, be sure you have their permission in writing.

Be sure the testimonials relate to what you're selling in the ad. e.g. a recliner ad needs a testimonial about a recliner purchase. Mattress about a mattress purchase, and so on.

Quickly, here are other ways to make sure your ad is as good as it can be.

  • Are there benefits in the ad?
  • Is the layout clean and clear?
  • Is the offer easy to understand?
  • Is there a powerful call to action, deadline?
  • Is there a way to track response? Such as a special offer only if they bring in the ad. Or a phone number they can call to get the Special Discount Code.

For much more on this and other topics and to get your free copy of his new Special Report, “5 Success Steps to Creating Advertising that Sells Furniture and Makes You Money,” go to www.lovefurnitureprofits.com. David can be reached at 803-764-3977. david@lovefurnitureprofits.com.

About David Love and Love Furniture Profits. Love Furniture Profits is an advertising consulting and coaching firm which works with independent furniture and mattress stores to help them slash advertising waste and pocket more profits. You're probably good at what you do; buying, display, sales training, deliveries. All the normal store functions. If you’re frustrated with lack of ad response he can help.
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