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Tip #1 From The Furniture Training Company: 5 Keys to Effective Training

Furniture World News Desk on 3/24/2017

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company

Most store owner or manager knows that training is an important key to increasing sales. Training only works however if the training program is developed and implemented in ways that actually stimulate improvement. The best programs are not necessarily the most expensive.

Your training investment will generate its greatest dividend if you follow these five keys.

  1. Train in Short Sessions
    Do not hold long, intensive training sessions. They simply do not work and just waste the time of the attendees and the trainer.

  2. Teach Everything Your Employees Need to Know
    Teach everything that is necessary to truly be successful as a salesperson. Product knowledge, sales skills, customer service, use of POS systems, etc. are all necessary.

  3. Tie All Skills and Techniques Together
    Teach skills and techniques that build on and support one another. Teaching a series of disconnected techniques will not help our team.

  4. Manage Your Training Program
    Have a program that you can actually manage. Ensure that everyone receives the training they need and when they need it. Don’t try to implement a program that overwhelms your resources. If you do, the program will fail and your investment will be wasted.

  5. Use a Variety of Teaching Resources
    Your team will learn better if you have them learn in a variety of ways. Use demonstrations, role plays, worksheets, etc.

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company, has over 20 years of training experience and would love to help with your company’s training issues.
866-755-5996 or mikep@furnituretrainingcompany.com

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