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Tip #7 From The Furniture Training Company: Follow-Up To Objections Tip

Furniture World News Desk on 5/5/2017

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company

The way you react to a customer who raises an objection can have a major impact on your sales success. Experienced salespeople acknowledge that they’re not likely to get through any sale without encountering at least one objection. Customers want to make sure they aren't’ making an expensive mistake. They don’t take objections personally but rather, they consider objections as opportunities to provide additional information to help close a sale.

  1. Recognize when an objection has been raised
    For example: “I sense there’s something you don’t like about this chair. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

  2. Acknowledge and empathize with the customer

  3. Clarify the objection

  4. Resolve the objection

  5. Check for success

There are lots of reasons to follow up with your customers. Following up lets you 1) show appreciation to the customer, 2) ask about issues that might need to be resolved, 3) acquire referrals from your happy customers.

Here’s the secret: As soon as you close a sale you write “Send thank-you note to Mrs. Customer” on your calendar. When that day arrives, send a brief note along with 2 or 3 business cards to your customer. The card should contain three elements:

  1. Sincere thank-you
    For example: “Thank you for your recent purchase. I really enjoyed helping you and your family.”

  2. Make sure the customer is happy
    For example: “Please let me know if any concerns arise about the purchase. I want to make sure you are completely happy with your new sofa.”

  3. Invitation to refer friends
    “Please give one of my cards to any friends or family who show interest in your new furniture. I’d be happy to help them like I helped you.”

Following up with customers is an easy and important practice that will yield wonderful results. Don’t let another customer wonder about your loyalty to them. Show them your appreciation and your desire to keep them happy. Require follow-up on every sale, by everyone, including you!

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company, has over 20 years of training experience and would love to help with your company’s training issues.
866-755-5996 or mikep@furnituretrainingcompany.com

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