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Furniture Store Ad Tip #11 From TruckSkin: Watch Your Back!

Furniture World News Desk on 8/11/2012

Jordan White

Looking for more cost effective ways to market your business? Most of us spend hours driving, sitting at stoplights staring at the back of someone else’s car or truck. This makes us a captive audience staring right at the perfect ad space. So why not take advantage of this and put your advertising right in front of this captive audience? The back of your vehicle is a blank canvas in which you can put your logo, phone number, slogan, image or advertisement. Don’t rely on your potential customers finding your advertisements; put it right in front of them so they can’t miss it!

No matter if you have a car, pickup, van, truck or bus, rear graphics fit on any vehicle. These are the perfect solution to getting your ad out on the street easily and inexpensively. Your graphics can be
tailored to your local demographics, with dynamic, full color images.

Rear door graphics on your delivery truck can cover imperfect boxes and create a positive image of your company. If your truck door is in bad shape and graphics might not stick to it, get a door skin and it won’t be an issue.

Think of the back of your vehicle as a mobile billboard, that you will own, not rent. High quality graphics will last for years, remember you get what you pay for so don’t go with the cheapest you can find, spend the few extra dollars for top quality graphics and they will last in full color for years.

Think about your advertising budget and make some room for vehicle graphics at take advantage of your captive audience. Vehicle adhesive graphics are seamless, high resolution, digitally-printed vinyl panels that mount easily to the back door of your truck to create instant
dynamic advertising. Your graphics provide protection from rigorous over-the-road wear and tear, shield the body from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed and updated.

Drivers waiting behind you at stop signs and signals can’t help but look directly at your ad. Vehicle graphics get thousands of views every month. You would spend a lot of money to get that much exposure any other way!



You will miss thousands of views if you don't attend to the backs of your cars, trucks and vans.

These weekly "Furniture Store Graphics Tips" are written by Jordan White, Marketing Manager for TruckSkin, LLC, a company that tells furniture retailers' stories in a big way with high resolution, seamless graphics that provide cost effective marketing exposure. For more information contact TruckSkin Fleet Graphic Solutions, Toll Free: 1–877–866–7546, Phone: 231–932–0286, jordan@truckskin.com or visit www.truckskin.com.

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