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Weekly Furniture Management Tip # 60 - A Good Leader...

Furniture World News Desk on 9/24/2012

by Roy Miller, President
Country View Woodworking


  1. praises the employee that bring that brings new ideas.
  2. doesn’t consider ideas involving change to be criticism of current conditions.
  3. makes time to listen with interest to “break-out-of-the-box” concepts.
  4. knows the non-conforming business person who follows his/her own counsel, ignoring cries of the pack, often reaps fantastic rewards.
  5. understands that conforming to the norm seldom separates the business person from the pack.
  6. realizes that conformity doesn’t translate into security.

These weekly “Monday Morning Management Tips” are jointly provided by both Country View Woodworking and Furniture World.

About Country View Woodworking: Did you know CVW features consistency of colors and finishes by utilizing the Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) program? Comments about these weekly tips can be directed to Roy Miller (Country View Woodworking (http://www.cvwltd.com) care of editor@furninfo.com.
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