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New Book From Michael Greene "Retail LIfe"

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Michael Greene also known in the industry as “Grandpa Mike-e-e” the iconic 89 year old furniture retailer, author, composer, lyricist and former columnist (for a popular industry newspaper) has published a new book "Retail Life."

The book, published in cooperation with FURNITURE WORLD Magazine is a primer for people who are considering taking the plunge into the “retail life.” It contains “tongue in cheek” practical business and personal relationship information for students, family members just entering the retail life and prospective entrepreneurs.

Included are challenging ideas for novice and experienced retailers, franchisees and college business students including chapters on...

  • RETAIL LIFE: What Kind of Life Is It?
  • Do I Fit The “Be My Own Boss” Slot?
  • Is There Anyone Out There Who Needs Me?
  • Leases, Landlords, Lawyers and Small Print
  • How To Look Professional Though An Amateur
  • Building Your Associate Team; Attorney, Accountant, Insurance Agent
  • CUSTOMERS: How To Enjoy Them
  • CONSUMERISM: A Business Blessing In Disguise
  • Sales Representatives are a Dealerʼs Best Friends
  • Buying Is The Name Of The Selling Game
  • Yes! Sir-ee! The “Friendly Bank on the Corner” is Really Friendly. Check it out...carefully
  • Everythingʼs Advertising: Good and Bad
  • Building Operating Cash Without Borrowing
  • Company Credit: Slow And Easy Wins The Race
  • Exciting Ideas For Wise Women: Mamas (Papas) and Their Kids
  • Exciting Ideas For Wise Women: Women
  • Exciting Ideas For Wise Women: The Single Woman Who Means Business
  • Challenging Ideas For Experienced Retailers
  • Little Things That Can Bust Successful Big Ones
  • Glossary Of Retail Terms
  • Retail Life Self Test

“Retail Life” (123 pages) is available for $24.00 plus shipping. It’s fun, informative and makes a great gift for students and budding entrepreneurs. "Retail Life" contains a lifetime of hands-on retail experience.

To order visit the Furniture World online store at  http://bit.ly/c8JzF2 or call 914-235-3095.

Abbreviated Biography of Michael Greene (Grandpa Mike-e-e!).

Born in Poland, he came to the United States at the age of three in 1924. His first job  was managing  a retail bedding company with six employees at the age of 18 in 1939.

After serving in the army during WW2 as a Second Lieutenant, inventory/ personnel administration he married his sweetheart Anita and says that he “gives thanks to the Almighty that they are still sweethearts... For 71 years.” In 1946 he joined his sister as president of a small home furnishings retail company in 1946. Stayed on for 46 years designing beds and kids rooms.

In 1968 he graduated from Hofstra University’s’ (evening program), and simultaneously joined Reed Business Newspapers as a columnist while travelling the US visiting 3rd and 4th generation retail owners. At the age of 72 Michael Greene published first book for pre-schoolers through 3rd graders, including a musical tape for parents and teachers titled "Where's The Green Pea." His other books include, “Gee! I Wish I Had A Bedroom Of My Own" (for teenagers and parents) and “Tzedakah - Caring And Sharing” (includes musical CD).

Now at the age of 89 Michael Greene has written “Retail Life: How To Get In, Stay Alive a-n-d Love It!”. The book includes a section for "Wise Women Who Love A Challenge" and "Oldtimers Who Have Missed Some Old Goodies". In addition, Michael Greene became a composer and lyricist at the age of 81 and a musical playwright at the age of 82. “