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In recent years the pace of Chinese furniture export activity has increased dramatically. This has been evidenced by the more than 20 percent per year increases in raw volume, as well as the recent surge in the number of Chinese companies seeking export opportunities in North America.

In the near future, domestic manufacturers will continue to expand imported parts and finished goods from China. Importers and marketing organizations will design and wholesale Chinese products. Aggressive retailers will import containers through direct contact with manufacturers, via Chinese home furnishings shows, the internet and trade advertising.

Retailers will also see more Chinese manufacturers gaining the market expertise necessary to develop their own North American marketing and distribution organizations.

China boasts more than 50,000 home furnishings manufacturers. This staggering number represents a challenge for China which is seeking to consolidate and encourage cooperation among companies to take advantage of lucrative export markets.

Yes, China has inexpensive labor, but many of their companies have traditionally lacked the infrastructure, government and industry support necessary to produce the consistent, high quality products demanded by North American home furnishings consumers. All of this is changing, as a substantial number of Chinese manufacturers have invested in high tech machinery, workforce education and quality standardization through ISO approval.

There is also a realization that producing higher-end goods such as metal and reproduction furnishings can have multiple positive effects for both the Chinese manufacturer and their customers in North America.

For the US furniture retailer, the explosion of product resource possibilities fromĀµ China represents a tremendous opportunity to purchase unique products that represent a true value. The big challenge for many, whether they are seeking to import from Asia, Mexico or South America is to develop or hire the expertise that will get the product delivered to specification and on time, with a minimum of risk.