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Consumer Delivery - Part 2 - The Windex Windup

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Impress them with the Windex Windup

Your delivery crew shows up on schedule. Your men carefully bring in each piece. They set up whatever requires setting up. And they place her new furniture exactly where your customer wants it. End of delivery? Almost, but not quite. Now is the time-and the opportunity-for your delivery crew to make one more fine impression for your store.

Now is the time for your crew to take out and use Windex-or whatever product will leave your customer's new furniture free of fingerprints, smudges and dust.

This finishing touch operation will probably take your men no more than a minute or two. Yet this demonstration of your store's pride and concern never fails to impress customers.

That's why many stores make sure their delivery crews carry "light housekeeping" kits equipped for a wide range of contingencies. Ours, for instance, include products such as Windex, Endust, Noxon, Brasso, Lexol, etc. as well as Q Tips for getting into tight spots and disposable "rags" such as Handi Wipes.

Generic products might work just as well and would cost less. But this is a situation in which a penny saved isn't worth it-it pays to use quality image, brand-name products with which your customers are familiar.

In addition to making sure each piece is left in spotless condition, it pays to also leave behind a furniture care guide. It needn't be elaborate or expensively produced. The main thing is the helpful information it provides-and, of course, the thoughtfulness it reflects.

While on the subject of finishing touches, a reminder: experience shows it's always best to unwrap furniture on the truck before the delivery. This enables your men to do a quick last-minute inspection-and marker touchups if necessary.

Unwrapped furniture makes for neater deliveries-without a trail of paper or plastic from truck to house and from room to room. It also enables your men to maneuver pieces more easily inside the home-so they get to that impressive "Windex Windup" faster.