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by Peter A. Marino I’m gonna change my losing ways, I’m gonna maximize my days. I’m gonna set my winning goals And make tall mountains out of moles. I’m gonna read all that I can, I’m gonna be a learned man, I’m gonna take this course and that, And finish them in no time flat. I’m gonna know my products well, I’m gonna study how to sell, I’m gonna practice every skill And use my mind and train my will. I’m gonna raise my sales, you’ll see, I’m gonna be all I can be, I’m gonna strive for number one, And never walk, when I should run. I’m gonna do all these great things, I’m gonna fly on Nike’s 1 wings, I’m gonna … but don’t ask me when, Or I’ll be average once again! 1. Nike was the Greek names attached to the goddess of victory. One can see why a shoe company chose that name for its shoes.