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Employee/Customer COVID Safety Checklist For Furniture Retailers

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With businesses opening back up and with surges in COVID-19 numbers, a huge risk businesses face is if they get an employee or customer with COVID. In addition to the health risks, this could lead to lost sales and negative-press that will cause current and future loss revenue. Here are some quick non-political thoughts.

Processes for safety, minimizing risk and increasing close rate…

  1. Safety measure for the organization:
    1. Use a greeter.
    2. Temperature Checks.
    3. Hand out masks.

  2. Employee check in procedures - Safety office / contracted nurse (not the manager)
    1. Check temperature
    2. Visual on no health symptoms
    3. Sign-off, if normal
    4. If not normal: work at home day with tasks assigned

  3. Office proximity: separate and/or require masks.

  4. Internal meetings: held with zooms, masks, or on the floor where separation in doable.



About David McMahon 
David McMahon is founder of PerformNOW Inc.  PerformNOW has three main products that help home furnishings businesses improve and innovate: Performance Groups (Owners, Sales managers, Operations), PerformNOW CXM (Customer eXperience Management systems and processes), Furniture business consulting.  Your can reach David at david@performnow.com.