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Content about HFA member-retailers contributed by HFA.

What a lousy year to celebrate HFA's 100th anniversary...or is it?

HFA had such big plans for 2020. We were prepared for a lot of toasts and fun gift giveaways. It was going to be festive.

Then came Covid. Celebrations and festivities seemed ill-timed, inappropriate and frankly unsafe. Yet from where I sit, we are honoring our heritage more than ever, 100 years after a group of retailers decided to come together to create an association. How has that happened?

In 2020, we’ve channeled the spirit of 1920 by remembering why HFA was formed. Retailers, then and now, want to learn from each other, hear about best practices, and come together for the common good and to survive collective threats. Sure, our members are competitors who want to win and dominate their marketplaces, but they also want our furniture industry to succeed.

In March, HFA's team looked at this crisis and decided we needed to step up and be the voice for our industry, to advocate, facilitate and lead. To do that, we listened to members to understand their needs and challenges. From those conversations came action:

  • The HFA Government Relations Action Team, made up of retailers from around the country, met multiple times each month. They were joined by members of Congress, key government agency leaders and other experts (including HFA's lobbyists) to push for liability protection, low-cost and forgivable loans and, tax relief, and to show that our industry is safe and needed in these times.

  • We created a dynamic Covid-19 resources webpage that is now the industry standard as a source for real-time, important information and links to programs and services for furniture retailers.

  • We procured PPE and other products quickly and affordably for HFA members.

  • We presented weekly webinars showcasing industry leaders who provide insights retailers can use as they navigate the Covid retail environment and beyond.


If our founders were around today, I think they’d give us a thumbs up for continuing to deliver on the principles and purpose this association was founded on, and for providing much-needed leadership. I also think they would point forward, reminding us that our work is just beginning.

For more information on HFA visit https://myhfa.org/.

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