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The Benefits of a Purposeful Company Culture

Many home furnishings retailers haven’t given enough time and thought to the formal definition of their company’s culture. That’s generally because ways of doing business tend to evolve organically over time. And, for many of HFA’s retail members, that means generations.

When showroom doors closed during the pandemic, HFA members were forced to address issues they might not have thought about or had pushed onto a back burner. One of these was corporate culture. In general, retailers who were forced to furlough workers without a defined culture of caring and communication, transparency and collaboration had a more challenging time and a much steeper uphill climb throughout the pandemic.

CITY Furniture

This was made more apparent when I traveled to CITY Furniture’s Florida headquarters to present HFA’s 2022 Retailer of the Year award.

CITY is one of those companies that checks all the boxes. Founder Keith Koenig and his CEO son Andrew have a best-in-class approach to everything. CITY has seven core values.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Family Spirit
  • Mutual Trust & Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Giving Back

While making the award presentation, I noticed that the first four core values are all internally focused. The fifth on the list, customer focus, is realized because of CITY Furniture’s careful attention to the entrepreneurial spirit, family spirit, mutual trust and respect, and teamwork. Their success and growth during the pandemic and the fact they brought back their key people is based on the skillful execution of those top four core values. It’s a remarkable legacy.

What About You?

Is your culture strong enough to hold you up no matter the next disruption? If not, you have work to do, and that work needed to start yesterday. Culture is not something that just happens. It has to be purposeful and developed over time.

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