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Editor's Corner

An introduction to each Furniture World issue, plus observations and editorial comments from Russell Bienenstock.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Workplace harassment... what can be done?

I’m confident that many of you have given some recent thought to updating your workplace harassment policies and education.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Turkeys Of The World Unite!

This holiday season my mind muses on season-appropriate themes of gratitude and turkeys. With regard to gratitude, it is generally accepted that grateful people have less stress, which scientists say translates into better health and longer lives.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Furniture Industry: Then and Now.

The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same!

EDITOR'S CORNER: Advertising That Clicks!

In this edition of Furniture World, our Point/Counterpoint duo, Bill Napier and Ed Tashjian, debate the efficacy of print vs. digital.

Editor's Corner: Rembering Thelma Mason

62 years of service to the furniture industry.

Editor's Corner: Remembering Thelma Mason

A tough furniture industry trailblazer at a time when few women worked outside the home as traveling salespeople. Thelma was an icon of persistence, likability and humility.

Editor's Corner: Sitting on the fulcrum a changing industry.

Some days I come to work believing that not much has changed in our industry. Other mornings, like this one, the world seems full of possibilities.

Editor's Corner: Make American Homes “Great Again”

Before the recent election, my friend Ed Tashjian let me know about an article he wrote, “Five Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Trump.”

Editor's Corner: The Power of Coaching and Grit in Retail Sales

“The most successful retailers have been able through nurturing, to obtain and develop exceptional employees throughout all areas of their businesses - whether it be sales, administration or distribution,” says Wayne McMahon in his “State-of-the-Industry” report.

Editor's Corner: The day after tomorrow?

I’m thinking about disruptive change, the type that could make furniture factories and retail stores as we know them obsolete; the kind that could do to furniture manufacturers and retailers what the last 20 years of the 19th Century did to cabinet makers.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Who will you be in 2016?

Since the year is new, considering, “who the hell are ya?” both personally and for your business, can be an illuminating exercise. The question is a sidewalk restatement of Socrates’ observation, “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Turn your banana upside down in 2016.

Is peeling a banana an apt metaphor for your retail business?

EDITOR'S CORNER: You want a tiny... what?

For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a (big) tiny home movement brewing.

EDITOR'S CORNER: Elevator speeches for rvery sales associate.

An ES explains what your company does, why it’s unique and interesting. It needs to be short enough to deliver to a prospect during a brief ride from the first to the fourth floor.

Editor's Corner: Taming power of the small.

Often, organizational change is the result of exposure to big ideas that can transform the nature of a business and how its employees, customers and supplers interact.

Editor's Corner: The Best Get-Away At High Point Market

For those of you who make the biannual trek to High Point, I encourage you to visit the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library.

Editor's Corner July 2013: “Groundhog Day”

Are you a fan of the movie “Groundhog Day”? If so, you may remember the following lines which have implications for furniture retailers... "It's the same thing your whole life, wash your hands, sit up straight, don't chew with your mouth open,... Oh yea, don't drive on the railroad tracks!”

Editor's Corner June 2013: Are You In Love With Your Customers?

Without proper attitude, even superior sales skills and impeccable product knowledge can fail to create customer buy-in. So, what is an optimal attitude for retail salespeople?

Editor's Corner April 2013: Our Industry Is Coming of Age

In 1980, the year I joined Furniture World, Jerry penned a six-part series our editor brilliantly titled, The Epperson Report...

Editor's Corner April 2013: Our Industry Is Coming of Age

In 1980, the year I joined Furniture World, Jerry penned a six-part series our editor brilliantly titled, The Epperson Report...

Editor's Corner: A World Of Change Coming In 2103

Thoughts about change and Furniture World's Magazine's

Editor's Corner: September/October 2012 Issue

How positive, empathetic and effective are your employees?

Editor's Corner: July/August Issue

Selling mattresses is about to get more adversarial.