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Easy Furniture Web Tip #103 - Every Little Thing Counts on Your Furniture Website

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By Katherine Andes

Is your address on your web site? On every page? If you’re a walk-in store, is it in more than one place on a page?

This may seem like a “duh” tip, but I’ve seen it happen. A store might just include their street address thinking that whoever comes to their site already knows the city location. Or the address is only on the Contact Us page.

Another problem is just placing the address in one spot on a page. With the crazy ways eyes track on a web page, it’s easy for a visitor to miss what is obvious to you.

If you have a physical store, then also put the address either in the banner or prominently in a side bar.

I also recommend placing your physical address in the footer of every web page.

Even if you’re an online company that sells all over the country, a physical address gives the visitor a feeling of security. She will be more confident ordering from you.

You will also be rewarded with higher search results. Search engines are wary of nebulous online stores with no street address.

Recently, I told one furniture website owner, “I don’t mean to be picky, but you don’t have a complete address on your website ….” He replied, “Every little thing counts, you never know what is going to mess up a sale.”

And he is right.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #103: A complete physical address on every page of your website helps your customers find your store. It also helps with search results.

Katherine Andes is a web copywriter who writes custom content for key web pages, including search engine optimization (SEO) — especially in the home improvement market. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.

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