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Easy Furniture Web Tips

A collection of website & SEO tips from Katherine Andes

Easy Furniture Web Tip #325: Phone Number Still Valuable on Websites

Put your phone number on your website prominently and often and, then, answer the phone...

Easy Furniture Web Tip #324: New Site. Pretty Good. Underwhelming Tags.

Please don’t skip seriously paying attention to your title and description tags.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #323: Staff Bio Pages Punch Up Your Website

Create individual bio pages for your talented staffers and then optimize them for better search results.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #322: Keep Holidays Updated on Your Platforms

Update your holiday hours regularly on your website, Google Business Profile, and Yelp.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #321: Link Your Signup Text and Other CTAs

Check that all the signup text and call-to-actions on your website are properly linked.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #320: Capitalize Your Website’s Menu Items

Capitalized letters in menu items stand out and are more readable.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #319: The Incessant Drumbeat of Branding

It’s good to have a professional, consistent look with your marketing, but you don’t have to overthink your branding.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #318: Google My Business Posts Are Sticking

Build two attractive posts for your Google My Business page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #317: Taking Care of Business

Review your account settings on all of your web sites yearly.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #316: No Brainer Social Media Posts

Post your new or refreshed web pages to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #315: Help Your Customers When They Want to Go Home

Help your customers when they want to go back to your Home page by including a HOME button in your top menu bar.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #314: Local SEO Tip

When pairing a keyword phrase with a locality, you don’t have to worry about periods.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #313: When Those SEO Types Send You an Email

When you get emails from SEO companies, sometimes they’ll give you information you can use.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #312: Can’t We Just Write the Tags?

Writing title and description tags is critical for local search results, but it’s not everything.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #311: The Sound of the Words on Your Website

Strive to prettify the sound of your website with copy that’s friendly, well-written, and avoids cliches.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #310: Know the Features. Tout the Benefits

Take the time to truly consider highlighting the benefits when writing for your website, email campaigns, or social media posts.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #309: The Heart and Gold of Your Digital Marketing

Always look for ways to make your website more engaging for your visitors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #308: Follow the Golden Rule and Write Heartfelt Web Pages

Heartfelt copy on your web page is just what you need to connect with your visitors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #307: No Need to Avoid Negative Keywords in SEO

Negative keywords don’t affect search engine optimization efforts.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #306: Quick Grammar Lookup

When in doubt about a grammar issue simply do an Internet search and find your answer promptly.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #305: Yours, Theirs, Its

Yours, theirs, its are common words people often misuse when writing web copy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #304: For Smoother Text, De-That Your Copy

Check your copy for superfluous "thats".

Easy Furniture Web Tip #303: You Not We

Review all your web content to see if you need to revise your text to 2nd person. It’s well worth the effort.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #302: Google Rewards Bad SEO. Sometimes

Don’t use bad SEO techniques even if Google sometimes rewards them.

Easy Furniture Web Tip # 301: Adapt and Overcome

Weather the lockdown storms by adapting and overcoming.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #300: Overdue Website Checkup

If you haven’t had a website checkup in awhile, be sure to do so soon.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #299: Tending to Stalled Lockdown Web Marketing Projects

A way to get ahead of your competitors is to tend to those web marketing tasks that stalled during the lockdowns.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 298: Unplug and Replug All Your Devices Weekly

Make it a habit to unplug and replug all your devices weekly.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 297: Animated Logos On Websites? Not!

Animated logos are fun and useful, but they aren’t suitable for websites.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 296: Websites: Design vs. Usability. Which comes first?

A high-end furniture store with an elegantly designed website should still keep usability in mind.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 295: Stay Connected to Your Customers. By Email.

For furniture stores competing with online retailers and big box stores, it’s important to keep that personal connection with your customer base.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 294: Insights from a Writer (not me)

Appreciate the talents a terrific copywriter can bring to your business.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 293: Announce New Pages Everywhere

Announce new website pages everywhere you can, the effort will drive traffic to your website and help your website stay relevant and fresh, helping you to build trust between you and your customer base.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #292: Get New Pages Indexed on Google Faster Via Social Media

To help Google find your new web page, post a link to it on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 291: Waiting and Waiting and Waiting for the Kids

If your website or social media needs some TLC, stop waiting around for your daughter or your nephew and hire a professional.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #290: Quarantine Homework: Check Your Website Links

Fight the quarantine blues. Use some of your slow time to tidy up your office and your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 289: Your Website Words Matter

Never underestimate the power of the words on your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 288: Are You Guessing At Keywords?

Why guess which keyword is best for your web pages when you can know for sure.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #287: Write It Down. Everything.

Promptly, write down every little inspiration for your web marketing.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #286: When Two Spaces After A Period Is Better

When rebuilding your website, be sure to check whether your site’s font style looks best with one-space or two-spaces after a period.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #285: A Small Specialist Can Improve A Large Website SEO Firm’s Work

Even if you have a big firm helping you, you can get even better results with a copywriting SEO specialist.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 284: Keep An Internet Platform Access File

Make sure you personally have access to all of your Internet platforms.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #283: Roll Out the Red Carpet to Your Website

Be positive and roll out the red carpet on your website to get folks into your store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #282: The Importance of the Lowly Footer for SEO and More.

Put some thought into developing your footer to help your visitors and improve your search rankings.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #281: Google Algo Changes for SEO and Local Search

For good local search results, SEO basics are still king.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #280: Make Your Sales Emails Pretty

When writing sales emails, be sure to make it pretty.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #279: Web Writing Projects and Circling Your Prey

It’s natural to procrastinate before tackling a web writing project; it may even be helpful.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #278: Friendly and Helpful After-Purchase Emails to Customers

Make your customer follow up emails friendly and genuinely helpful.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #277: The See-Touch Advantages of Your Brick and Mortar Store

Promote the see-touch advantages of shopping in your brick and mortar store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #276: Two Easy and Fun Tips for SEO Copywriting

One of my favorite SEO copywriting techniques is simply to rearrange the copy to include my client’s best keyword phrases.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #275: Include Text Transcriptions with Your Videos

When a video arrives without the text content or, at least, a good summary, I’m more likely to delete it and not consider it at all.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #274: Make Email Marketing Consistent and Authentic

When folks realize that each time they receive an email from you, that they are tapping into your unique expertise, they will be more likely to consistently open and read it.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #272: How And Why You Should Claim And Fill Out Your Yelp Business Listing

Claim and flesh out your Yelp listing to ensure you get the most exposure for your local furniture business online.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #272: Rev. A Cool Transcription Tool

Use an online transcription service for fast and painless transcription of audio content.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #271: Want to Improve SEO? Track Your Visitors With Analytics

If you want to improve your SEO, be sure to track your website’s visitors with a good tracking tool.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #270: Optimizing Keyword Phrases Helps Local Firms Compete With National

Optimizing the keyword phrases on your local furniture website will help you compete with national online sellers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #269: Don’t-Put-That-In Clients

Sharing vivid details and examples on your website will help you connect with your customers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #268: When Images Go AWOL

Put a note in your calendar to review your web pages to ensure none of your images have gone AWOL.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #267: New Website? It Ain’t Over!

For the best possible ROI for your website investment, be sure to plan for the new and unexpected.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #266: Not on Google? Not!

National Internet marketing strategies are overkill for the local business.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #265: Description Tags. Stories. Cliffhangers. How Long?

Write description tags that work for both desktop and mobile searches by putting your most important information in the first 130 characters and extending the cliffhanger.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #264: Google Giveth. Google Taketh Away.

Google does an about face on longer description tags.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #263: Get An SSL Certificate Post-Haste

Your business can no longer afford to go without an SSL certificate.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #262: Longer Description Tags. It Works!

Get more click-through and selling power on the Google search results page by writing longer description tags.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 261: Relax and Let a Great Headline Float to the Top

Writing headlines can be easy if you just look for a great line within your article.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #260: Now You Can Write Longer Description Tags

Take advantage of Google’s new standards and write longer description tags.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #259: Pictures On Your Website Ain't Enough

When developing the content of your website, be sure to include the selling points your sales staff communicates with customers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #258: De-That Your Web Content Writing

For smoother copy on your website, remove extraneous “thats.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #257: Every Year Update Your Copyright Dates On Your Website

Please check the copyright dates in the footer of your website. You do have copyright dates on your website, right?

Easy Furniture Web Tip #256: Online “Must Haves” For The Harried Furniture Store Owner

Make sure you have an up-to-date website, Facebook page, Yelp listing and Google My Business listing.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #255: New Google My Business Weekly Post Feature.

There’s a new feature that Google My Business offers that furniture retailers should definitely take advantage of.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #254: How to Get Web and Other Online Content Done

To get your web and other online content done in a timely manner, hire a savvy web copywriter who knows the playground.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #253: Is SEO as a Standalone Service Good for Local Furniture Retailers?

For most local furniture companies, basic SEO work is sufficient to deliver good rankings.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #252: Are SEO Reports Worthwhile Or Meaningless Bling?

For most local business owners, website analytics “reports” are just meaningless “bling.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #251: Web Tool Says My Writing Is Bad

Whenever a web tool tells you something is wrong, don’t be too quick to believe it.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #250: Fine Content Like Fine Stitches

Always look for web service providers who know how to make “fine stitches.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #249: See A Mistake? Let The Webmaster Know.

When you see a misspelled word, grammar error, or some other mistake on a website, please let the company know.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #248: Carrying Hot Coffee? Writing A First Draft? Don’t Look.

Write the first draft of your web content without looking.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #247: Malingering About Uploading Testimonials

Glowing testimonials sitting on your desktop won’t get you new customers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #246: An Easy Proofreading Tip: Use Text-To-Talk

Recently, I’ve discovered that using the “text to speech” function on my computer helps me to listen better to my drafts.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #245: Take Your Own Medicine. Advice That Is.

When I do follow my own advice, the whole process is so much easier, virtually painless, and I kick myself for not doing it all the time …

Easy Furniture Web Tip #244: There’s No Place Like Home. Button That Is.

For the past several years, web designers have been retiring the “home” button in favor of having folks click on the logo. I don’t like it. Here’s why …

Easy Furniture Web Tip #243: The Long Shelf Life Of Web Pages

Well-developed portfolio content can last for years even with changing styles.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #242: Find Your Differentiator And Use It Wisely

Find out what sets your company apart then promote it without being obvious.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #241: Easy Fix For Hard-To-Remember, Hard-To-Spell Domain Name

If your web address is hard-to-remember or hard-to-spell, simply buy a different domain and point it to your current one. Here’s how …

Easy Furniture Web Tip #240: Revisit Your Prior Website With The Wayback Machine

There’s a way to see your prior website even though it’s no longer published on the Internet.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #239: Panic Early. When Writing Web Content.

If you wait until the last minute to start your web content writing project, you’ll miss all those ah-hah moments … and maybe the next great idea.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #238: The Importance of Psychological Safety for Online Marketing

Good moneymaking ideas, including for your online marketing, can come from anyone in your company.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 237: Don’t Follow Buffalo Bill’s Example When Developing Content for Your Website.

You may pride yourself on how quickly you can do creative work, but you’re shortchanging yourself and your business if you make it a habit.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 236: Rank in Local Cities with This SEO Tip. Super Easy.

Don’t forget to add the city next to the name when placing a testimonial on your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 235: No deadline? Create One.

If you don’t have a deadline for a project to improve web content, it might be because you don’t have an urgency that requires a deadline.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 234: Video Fatigue on Facebook? Why a Good Graphic Might be Better.

A good graphic with a good offer may be better on Facebook than a video.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 233: SEO Friendly Platforms May Be Misleading

I’ve noticed that many web-building platforms are touting their products as “SEO Friendly.” My concern is that folks who use these platforms will think …

Easy Furniture Web Tip 232: Shortcut to Find Words on a Web Screen Fast

Use the “find text” keyboard shortcut tool to quickly find words on a web page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 231: Developing Web Content with Whack-A-Mole Creativity

When you sit down to write web content, it’s perfectly normal to “flounder.” This problem is like a whack-a-mole. It comes up…

Easy Furniture Web Tip 230: Why Google My Business is More Important than Ever

Google’s new search results page means you need to pay more attention to your Google My Business listing. Here’s why …

Easy Furniture Web Tip #229: Merchandising Your Website With Better Web Content

Both your retail store and your website can benefit from professional merchandising.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #228: Best Ever Team Brainstorming Tip

When someone gives you an idea for your website, listen, take notes, and give the idea a chance.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #227: Check Every Single Change You Make on Your Website. Always.

Many, many times I’ve worked with web developers who have said something was done and it wasn’t.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #226: Do You Even Need Text On Your Home Page?

Home pages should have enough text to help with higher rankings in search results and to help motivate the buyer.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #225: Why SEO Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

Like a jigsaw puzzle, search engine optimization often requires trial and error to discover what will work.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 224: Responding to Online Reviews.

Be polite and respond promptly to online reviews about your business.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 223: Test Web Copy by “Turning Your Chair Around”

Test your web page’s text by “turning your chair around,” so you are not distracted by the looks of your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 222: Natural Isn’t Enough

Prioritize your search engine optimization and you’ll soon find yourself attracting more clients and making more sales.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 221: Do Not Automate.

When claiming directory listings like Yelp or YP.com, fill out the profiles individually.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 220: YELP. The New Google. Locally.

Make sure your Yelp profile is claimed, stocked with images, and written well.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 219: SEO writing is not dead.

It’s not enough to write naturally.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 218: Tidy Up Customer Testimonials

As a website owner, you are not a journalist. You do not have to quote a customer word-for-word, mistakes and all, making him or her look uneducated.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 217: The Importance of Unique Description Tags

Many companies just have a “global” description tag that is the same for every page. Make sure yours are unique for each page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 216: The Almost Almighty Title Tag

For better search rankings and conversions, carefully develop your title tags with each page’s keywords.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 215: Waiting for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not like paying for a print ad and choosing where you want it to appear in a publication. Nor is it like paying for a digital ad that shows up alongside organic searches.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 214: Check the Mobile Version of Your Website

Elements that are fine on the desktop version should be removed for the mobile-friendly version of your site. And sometimes things just go wonky and should be fixed.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 213: Inbound Links. The Easy and the Not-So-Easy Ways to Get Them

Link building is an important part of helping your website to rank well in search engines. Start with the easy stuff.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 212: Web Stuff You Don’t Need to Worry About

Today, I’m going to tell you a few things regarding your website you don’t need to worry about.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 211: What Should It Cost To Develop Web Pages?

When compared with other forms of marketing, investing in quality web content is a bargain.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 210: Are All URL Extensions Created Equal?

Today, you have many options. There are many more extensions available: .co, .us, .biz, .info, .city, .solutions, .expert, .xyz, etc.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 209: Rarely Use an Ampersand. A What?

Sofas & chairs are on sale now. Come in & browse our spacious showroom chock full of easy chairs & accent chairs & formal chairs & sofas & sectionals & love seats & more.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 208: Make Sure Your Written Content Isn’t Borrowed, Lifted, or Stolen

Besides the ethical problems of using stolen content, there are other issues. Google downgrades duplicate content in its rankings.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 207: Ghost Analytics Wreckers

If your web traffic has unexplained surges in traffic and high bounce rates, be aware that you may be the victim of ghost analytics wreckers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 206: My Video That Went Viral

You never know when a video will go viral and help your business in ways you can’t think of. Look for opportunities to create videos about anything interesting.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 205: Avoid SEO Awful Copywriting

When looking to hire out SEO copywriting work be sure to check samples to ensure they don’t write SEO awful.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 204: What A Great Website Must Do

It must mirror your retail furniture business in terms of these five important attributes.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 203: Fix Bad Internet Reviews on Yelp and Other Strange Places

There are steps you can take to fix bad Internet reviews, including contacting the reviewer and repairing the problem. You may also contact the moderator and …

Easy Furniture Web Tip 202: Best Practices For Website Design Colors

Use secondary and accent colors in your website design to bring unity, interest, and life to your web pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 201: Yes, you are creative!

Recognize and appreciate the high level of creativity you bring to your business.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 200: Writer’s Block? Start Anywhere.

Hearing the crickets sing? Professional commercial writers know that it’s relatively easy to overcome writer’s block.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 199: Keep Web Content Writer in the Loop

Nine problems to watch for when updating website content that can reduce traffic, customer engagement, and conversion rates.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 198: Google says, “HTTPS Everywhere.” Does your website need it?

Whenever there’s an announcement from Google, it’s a good idea to wait a bit until the dust settles before spending any money or staffers’ time and talent.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 197: The Solution to Longish Web Pages

When the topics are all grouped together on one page, it’s difficult for the search engines to determine what the page is about. They may simply serve it up in their listings as a “furniture trends” page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 196: The Problem with Headlines and Responsive Design

Check out how your headlines render on a smart phone and mobile device. Then adjust accordingly.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 195: Welcome? Not!

“Welcome” is for your doormat, not your home page headline. Here’s why …

Easy Furniture Web Tip 194: Checking New Website on Multiple Devices

You will be surprised how many things go wonky on the different devices.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 193: So what is DPI anyway and why should I care?

The simple facts about image resolution (DPI) for print and web work that confuse many business people.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 192: Websites Shouldn’t Be Beauty Contests

The most important thing is to keep in mind is your target customer. What does she want when she comes to your site? Most likely, she wants to know if you can solve her problem, how fast you can solve it, and will you stand behind your products and services?

Easy Furniture Web Tip 191: Fetch as Google Means Faster Indexing

Easy Furniture Web Tip 191: Use Fetch as Google to get your new web pages found by prospects faster.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 190: Focus at Will: Get Focused with Non-Distracting Music

If you or your employees like to listen to music while working, check out this resource for non-distracting music that promises to boost your concentration for all kinds of tasks.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 189: The Importance of 301 Redirects

301 redirects help your customers still find you when you’ve moved and they and help your rankings stay strong.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 188: Artfully Use En and Em Dashes On Your Web Pages

Today’s tip is a “polishing” tip — something that will help make your web pages look more polished.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 187: How to Get Cool Word Clouds for Your Website

Creating a word cloud with a simple free tool is a snap and looks cool.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 186: Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

Do not ignore notices to update to the latest version of your CMS theme or hackers may insert external links that can hurt search rankings, divert business and include unseemly content.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 118: How To Write A Blog, Painlessly

Write a furniture blog post painlessly five minutes a day for five days.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 184: I Started A Blog And Don’t Know What To Write!

Tips for finding home furnishings topics to blog about and setting a writing schedule that won't overwhelm you.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 183: Make Web Contact Information Accessible and Personal

Go ahead and put the phone numbers and email addresses of your sales staffers on your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 182: Develop Portfolio Pages For Your Website

Get some pictures of your customer's finished projects —the more professional the better—and write a few paragraphs of content.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 181 - Why You Should Left Align Your Web Copy.

Resist the urge to fully justify your text. Align everything left and it will be easier to read and look better on mobile devices.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 180 -Responsive Web Sites. See How the Pages Reassemble

For your next site upgrade, consider a responsive web site that “responds and adapts” to the device your customers are using.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 179: Tall Banners for Websites: What to Watch For

If you have a tall website banner only on your home page, construct a smaller one for your interior pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 178: Spinning Straw into Gold by Reviewing Your Website

Take a critical look at your website's copy. Then ask yourself if the copy reflects your unique story.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 177: Remember to Capitalize Your Email Signature Tool

Promote your Facebook and other social pages in your email signature tool.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 176; Web Content

Creating good web content is hard work, not fun.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 175: Turning New Content into a Workhorse

New content in the form of a well-written helpful web article can really be a workhorse to help your business grow.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 174 - Remarketing. How’d They Do That?

Consider a remarketing campaign to keep prospects aware of your brand.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 173: Put Your Picture On Your Website

Being shy can cost you customers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 172: Even Clumsy SEO Practices Can Work

If you can’t afford a full-blown search engine optimization campaign, you can still benefit from do-it-yourself SEO practices.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 171: This Is No Time To Be A Grump.

Are you grumpy when it comes to writing your About Us page? Do you keep everything about your store “professional”? i.e. corporate, impersonal, stuffy … grumpy?

Easy Furniture Web Tip 170: 5 Easy Steps to Writing Web Content That is Likeable

This week I want to give you an easy tip to help you write “likeable” copy. It’s a simple 5-step process.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 169: “I like you guys.” Web Content That Works!

The main goal of your web content should be that you want folks to think, “I like these guys.” Then they’ll take that call-to-action.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 168: Be Social when Posting on Facebook. Sell sparingly.

Six ideas for getting material to post to your store's Facebook account.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 167: Rank Checking. Accurately.

Google does what is known as "personalization." It tracks your searches as well as your location and serve listings according to what it thinks YOU are looking for.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 166: Following Protocol. Do it!

Before sending out e-blasts, web articles or even emails, follow a checklist to make sure they are error-free. Here is a sample checklist.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 165: Should I Use Both SEO and Pay Per Click Campaigns?

Both SEO and pay-per-click campaigns can work together to help you stand out from your competitors on a search-results page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 164: Tell Me I Don’t Need SEO. Please!

Don’t you hate it that people are phoning you and emailing to say that you need search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO?

Easy Furniture Web Tip 163: Best Practice: Website Testimonials: Believability and Presentation

Incorporating website testimonials with well-know locals can make a huge difference in making sales.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 162: Ad Testing: Not Always a Good Idea

Allstate "Mayhem" campaign shows that sometimes it is best to go with your instincts.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #161: About Us Page From Hell

Be real on your About Us page, but don’t give your customers too much information.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #160: Why You Should Learn a Little HTML

If you regularly work with web content, begin making yourself familiar with HTML code. It’s not as hard as it looks.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #159: Sliding Pictures in Web Banners: Best Practice or Fading Fad?

Sliding pictures in banners on furniture websites are very popular right now. Just my opinion, but I think they’ll be an example of what not to do in a few years.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #158 - Don’t Delete An Audio Testimonial Before Capturing It

Add clients' comments in text as well as audio. This helps the search engines identify the content of the page, and it helps those folks who just don’t want to click on the audio and listen.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #157 How to Track Keywords. Easy!

To keep track of the terms you are using on your web pages, track keywords by using a simple spreadsheet.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #156 Can You Write a Blog in 5 Minutes?

Get into the habit of sending out a regular blog / email newsletter to your prospects and clients. Set up a regular schedule. For a furniture dealer, once a month is just fine.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #155: Best Way of Tracking Web Results: Just Ask!

Analytics and statistics are great, but you don't really know how your customers found you if you don’t directly ask.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #154: Lost Opportunity. The Fix? Email Marketing.

Email marketing ensures your prospects won’t forget about your business when they need a specific furniture product they are looking for.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #153: Check Your Drop Down Menus On iPad

If it doesn't work properly on different devices you need to contact your web developer or create work-arounds.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #152 - Is The Inverted Pyramid Style Good For Web Pages?

The inverted pyramid style is fine for news stories, but not for web pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #151 Short Copy Isn’t Easy to Write

Your writer needs to deliver your pithy sales message covering at least five bases.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #150 - 3 Different Facebook Icons Explained

There are three different Facebook icons that you should have on your website. They all have different functions, so try not to leave any of them out.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #149 - Which comes first? The keyword phrase or the topic?

It’s perfectly fine to research your keyword phrases after you’ve written an article or blog.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #148 - Can Your Readers Share Your Content?

Make sure that all the important ways to share your content are on all of your web pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #147 - Email Marketing is a Must and It’s Easy

Always use an email marketing company for your email blasts. Don’t send emails out from your in-house computer network.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #146: An Outgoing Link Should Open in a New Window

That way your website is still active on your prospect’s browser in a separate window.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #145 - Outgoing Links vs. Incoming Links

Exercise extreme caution when placing outgoing links on your website. You worked hard to get your visitors to your site. Let’s keep them there.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #144: Ever-Changing Content

It's a good idea to expand your web site with new content on new pages and with new keywords to bring in new customers, but don't worry about changing content on pages that are already performing well.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #143 - Your IT Guy isn’t G-d. Especially when it comes to SEO.

I’m amazed at how often I still hear “I trust my IT guy, he knows SEO.” And then I do a search for the main keywords of the business paired with his city and his business doesn’t show up at all in the search results. Zip. Nada.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #142 - Does Your Website Design Make Your Prospects Feel Good? Really Good?

Make sure your website design makes people happy when they land on one of your pages. A great designer will dig deep and help you get to that happy place.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #141 - For Heaven’s Sake Start Collecting Email Addresses

Don’t put it off. Start collecting email addresses on your website, in your store, and whenever you grab a business card.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #140 - Just What Are Keywords Anyway?

When you want to build a new page on your website, you should research which are the best keywords for a particular page. If you put those keywords on your page (just a two or three, please) and in your tags, you have a better chance of having that page do well in search results.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #139 - Why You Can’t Find Stuff on a Web Page

When possible, put important elements on a web page in more than one place. I recommend three placements. Don’t worry about being redundant.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #138 - Internet marketing is worth doing. Even if you do it badly!

I hear experts telling people you have to do everything right. Your Internet marketing all has to be strategized, synchronized perfectly, every single metric measured, blah, blah, blah...

Easy Furniture Web Tip #137 - The Amazing Power of a Smile — the S-Factor

When redesigning your website, remember the amazing power of a smile. Try to develop that smile factor in your design.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #136 - Stay on Top of Your Web Changes

Always, always, always double-check that work assigned to your web developer is actually completed.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #135 - A Gravatar Adds Gravitas to Your Blog Comments

When you post a comment on a blog or article, be sure to post your picture, too. Just go get a Gravatar!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #134 - Blog Commenting Gets Your Website Valuable Link Juice

Just take a few moments to comment on a furniture industry blog and be sure to leave your website address in the space provided.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #133 - Copy Doesn’t Need to Match Video Script

When writing the copy to go with your video script, don’t worry about writing it word for word. Feel free to expand on it and even “wax poetical.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #132 Video vs. Text: Which is better?

Go ahead and offer videos on your website or in your e-newsletters. But also include the text for those who prefer to read. The text will also help search engines rank your page higher.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #131 - Shift + Return = Keep Lines Together

This week’s Easy Web Tip is really easy. In fact, some of you will yawn. But if you don’t already know this little tip, you will be very happy today.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #130 - Sorry Social Media Experts, Websites Not Fading Away Anytime Soon

Despite what some “social media experts” say, your website is still the heart of your online marketing. Keep it healthy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #129 - Is Your Website from the 90s? Maybe It’s Time for a Website Makeover.

Furniture styles change. So do website styles. If it’s been a while since you built your website, it’s time for a website makeover.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #128 - Never say No When …

Always listen when someone gives you a web marketing idea. Write it down. Let it ferment in your mind. The good ideas that you can use will rise to the top.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #127 - How to Make an Anchor Link and Why You Should Care

When you know you’re going to get a link to your website from an online source, try to get an anchor link.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #126 - Using Keywords is Like Using Fishing Bait

Using keywords is like using fishing bait. You wouldn’t put 50 pieces of bait on one hook. Similarly, you shouldn’t put a lot of different keywords on one web page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #125 - Messy Web Page Code? Not to Worry.

When a web developer tells you your web page code is messed up, it’s really no biggie.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #124 - Beauty is Only Skin Deep with People and with Web Sites

It’s easy to think you have an effective web site if it’s pretty. But beauty is only skin deep … with people and with web sites. You need depth to outshine your competitors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #123 - Did You Develop a Website As Good as Everyone Else’s?

Strive to develop a website better than your competitors. It doesn’t necessarily mean glitz. It does take skilled web content development.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #122 - Submit Your Copy to a Glaze Patrol

When you’re writing a page with lots of complex information (About Us, History, Customer Service), be sure to execute a “glaze patrol” before publishing.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #121 - Avoid Playing Trick and Trap with Your Web Site Visitors

When sending out offers with promotional codes, avoid playing trick and trap with your web site visitors. Respect them. Play fair.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #120 - Customer Service Questionnaire Yields Great Website Testimonials

A follow-up questionnaire sent to your customers after a sale enhances customer service, provides market research, and yields great testimonials.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #119 - 3 Cool Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups

Joining various Groups on LinkedIn can help you generate new ideas for your business and resolve problems with respect to day-to-day operations.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #118 - Why You Should Use LinkedIn in Your Business

LinkedIn has proven its value. It’s a must for all people in business. But just signing up isn’t enough.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #117 - More Important than Ever to Claim Google Places Page

Map listings are taking up more of the local search results. Claim your Google business listing so you show up. Also claim listings on Yahoo and Bing.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #116 - Idol has Fun and Mixes it Up. So Can Furniture Retailers!

American Idol succeeds because the producers are not afraid to mix it up and have spontaneous fun with the show. You can do the same and increase your retail sales. Here are ideas for giving random gifts, taking customers "backstage" and other ideas.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #115 - Less-Showy Idol Stars Often Win By Being Themselves. So Can You.

Your main differentiator should be reflected on your home page — preferably the headline. It should definitely be in the home page title tag and the description tag, which will show up in a snippet on a search results page. This will help attract your target customers and get them to click through to your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #114 - It's Not Just About The Singing... Or The Furniture.

Sales are made more on emotion. A customer falls in love with a piece and then strives to justify her purchase logically. So first help your customer make an emotional connection with the products on your web site.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #113 - Customer Testimonials

Develop rich customer testimonials for your website to prove to your prospects that your store is the best and to attract more prospects through local and longtail searches.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #112 - Customer Service Makes Your Store an American Idol? Prove It!

A good way to prove your customer service is to use genuine testimonials. If your company really is great at “customer service,” you should have a boatload of them.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #111 - Make Your Furniture Website an "American Idol"

If you have just another pretty furniture website, you need to pause and dig deep to make your website an “American Idol.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #110 - Personalized Google Search Results. Not a Bad Thing.

Be diligent about regularly checking your rankings for important keywords, but verify using various sources. If a ranking seems good to you, call a friend in another city and ask him to check on his computer. And always sign out of your Google Account before checking.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #109 - Why Every Web Page is a Potential "Home" Page

Your customer can enter your website on any web page. So you need to make sure that every interior page has some general home-page elements to assist her in finding what she needs.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #108 - A Social Media Referral is Word-of-Mouth Marketing Writ Large

When a satisfied customer tells a friend in person about your store, that one person is a potential customer. When she tells her friends on Facebook about your store, hundreds are your potential customers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #107 - Always be Marketing-- Internet Marketing

Optimize your website for local search so that customers can find your site in the first place. Then develop pages so that customers can quickly find what they need and why they should purchase from you.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #106 - Copying Copy Content. Not cool!

Copying content from a fellow franchisee’s website is not cool and it could lead to a Google penalty.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #105 - Herman: The PPC Internet Expert. Don't Rile Him!

A good Internet expert is hard to find. Once you find one, hold on to him or her. And be careful before believing the guys who promise you the moon.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #104 - Smashing the Box

Scour your web copy for clichés. When you find one, don’t quit until you find a way to rewrite it.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #103 - Every Little Thing Counts on Your Furniture Website

A complete physical address on every page of your website helps your customers find your store. It also helps with search results.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #102 - Is Your Web Sales Message Inaudible?

Your web copywriter might be terrific. But it will all be lost if you make her words “inaudible” with poor placement.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #101 - Top SEO Companies Not Likely to Deliver Good Content

Be very careful of SEO companies handling the content of your web pages. You might get stuck with a bottom-feeder copywriter!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #100 - Dodge Being a Google Falling Star. Pay Attention.

You need to be vigilant to stay ahead of your competitors and the ever-morphing Internet. Remember, a top Google ranking can fall like a shooting star.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #99 - Lock the Door of Your Website

Keep your website locked up tight. Change your password whenever you make changes regarding who is working on it.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #98 - Building Your Email List: No Need for Double Opt-In

There is absolutely no need for double opt-in. It costs you customers. If you already have it activated, turn it off.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #97 - Glitches and 7 Fixes: E-Commerce Storefront Website Platforms

Furniture retailers who use an e-commerce storefront website need to customize accessible pages to show their customers they are not just another cookie-cutter online store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #96 - Put On Your Best Face

Differentiate yourself from the faceless online mob by personalizing your website, being accessible, and putting on your best face.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #95 - SEO. A Moving Target?

Avoid trying to trick search engines into giving you high rankings. Just do the solid work of helping them understand what your page is about and why they should give you high rankings.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #94 - Can You Write Like A Fifth Grader?

when you write copy for your website and run your Spelling / Grammar Check in Microsoft Word, your reading level will show. Strive for 5th to 6th grade, but a little higher is okay.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #93 - Get on Board the Social Network: Facebook

Pitfalls you will want to avoid when setting up a Facebook page, plus ideas for content that will help you to build relationships with followers.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #91 - A Picture is Worth 1000 Words. Okay, But Which 1000?

On your web site, you don’t know which 1000 words your prospects will think of when they see images of your products. Help them along with headlines, captions, and some body copy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #90 - Rethink Saying "Welcome" on your Home Page

The top of your home page is super-valuable real estate. Putting “Welcome” there is a total waste of that space and costing you traffic.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #89 - Gray Font Matters: Should you follow the crowd?

Gray text is all the rage with web designers these days. Before using gray, be sure to think it through to ensure it’s right for your site.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #88 - Web Best Practice: Embed Video Instead of Linking

To keep visitors on your site, it’s a web best practice to embed video rather than link to video off-site. It’s also easy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #87 - 3 Proofreading secrets for mostly error-free website pages

Before publishing a print or website page, proofread by printing out the page and slowly reading out loud.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #86 - Make a boomer's day. Choose larger font sizes

Be different from other websites and use larger font sizes. Your readers will stick with your web pages longer.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #85 - Color Your Web Pages, E-Newsletters, and Banner Ads Like a Pro

It’s easy to perfectly and professionally match colors for your web pages, e-newsletters, and banner ads with these free tools.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #84 - Dangers of Nickel and Diming Web Development

Smaller companies need to stop nickel and diming their web sites, face the hard facts, and allocate much more of their marketing budget to web development.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #83 - When Inconsistency Works for SEO

To cover all bases, you should optimize your website (for example) for both terms “bunk beds” and “bunkbeds.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #82 - Go to War with the Army You Have

Your website and Internet Marketing campaigns don’t have to be perfect. They just need to be a little better than your competition.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #81 - Close Encounters with a Spoofing Email

If a spam email goes out to people in your address book, you’ve probably been “spoofed” and it’s usually no big deal. But, still, be careful and take precautions just in case.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #80 - Does Your Text Look Clickable, When It's Not?

When text isn’t clickable, avoid using colored fonts and underlines on web sales pages. Also be exclusive with your link colors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #79 - Don't Skimp on Internet Copywriting

Good Internet copywriters are worth their weight in gold. For ROI, skip the article mills.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #78 - Easy Website Content Management Systems -Yeah, right!

Even if you have an “easy” content management system, plan on some man hours and a learning curve for properly maintaining your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #77 - Think a Second Time about Joining the Better Business Bureau

Join the Better Business Bureau to get valuable “link juice” from being listed in their directory and to use their online seal on key pages of your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #76 - Alt Tags for the Blind and SEO Revisited

When writing alt tags, be sure to identify or announce that you are about to describe an image.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #75 - Bye-Bye Bad Broken Links

Periodically, check the links on your website. Make sure you don’t annoy your visitors by having misdirected or broken links.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #74 - First get your prospects to say "No."Then go for the "Yes!"

Getting a "no" out of the way first improves your chances of getting people to take a look at a survey, brochure or other information you want them to see.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #73 - More on Web Page Headlines for Landing Pages

Stir up hope in your customer with your web page headlines to win her heart and help her to take action.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #72 - Web Page Headlines for Landing Pages

Tap into your customer’s pain with your web page headlines to help her recognize an urgent need for your product or service.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #71 - Revisit, Review, and Refresh Regularly!

Along with always adding new pages to your website, set aside some time to revisit, review, and refresh existing key pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #70 - Get Great Backlinks & "Link Juice" From Suppliers

Check all of your suppliers’ website store locators to ensure your store’s website is listed and linked.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #69 - Internet Online Marketing: Nobody Knows It All

Nobody knows it all when it comes to Internet online marketing. You need educate yourself; be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them; and, be prepared to hire more than one person or firm.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #68 - The Relationship Begins With Your Website Content

Ready-to-buy customers should be the goal of most furniture dealer websites.

Easy Furniture Web Tips - Develop Custom Content for Your Website

If your website content isn’t original, Google won’t give it any “points.” So it won’t help your search results rankings. If the piece has good information, your customers might like it, but if they don’t find you in the first place … “Houston, there’s a problem.”

Easy Furniture Web Tip #67 - Manufacturer Brand Logos: To Link or Not to Link

It’s fine to have the brand logos on your site, just don’t make them active links to the manufacturer’s web site.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #66 - Using LinkedIn

If you’re in business, you need to “link in” to LinkedIn. It’s a proven, powerful, and effective networking resource. Thankfully, it’s easy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #65 -For Best Web Usability: Be A Conformist

There are certain phrases everyone has become accustomed to when visiting a website: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Support, etc.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #64 - In Search of High Rankings

When someone calls to sell you SEO services to get your website high rankings, don’t be impressed just because the rep has you type in a term that results in a single high search engine ranking.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #63 - Online Reading Speed is 25% Slower than Print

The online reading speed of web pages is 25% slower than print pages, so it’s even more important to make sure your pages are easy on the eyes.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #62 - Make Email Name Address Personal or Fun

Ban “info” from your company’s email name address. Instead, make it personal by using a real person’s name or make it fun by using an iconic fictitious name.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #61 - Don't Wait! Dive Right in to Social Media Marketing

Don’t be afraid to sign up for a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get started now and learn as you go.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #60 - Keywords Meta Tag is Irrelevant

There is no need to fill in the keyword meta tags. And leaving them blank may slow down competitors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #59 - Best SEO Includes Website Page Makeover

High rankings matched with poor website pages means no sales. Improving your SEO should always be combined with improving your individual web pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #58 - Claim Local Business Listings

Claim your local business listings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing for years of free advertising at the top of search results pages. BTW: You don’t even need a website to claim these listing pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #57 - SEO Services Trick: Get clients high rankings with poor keywords.

When looking for search engine optimization services, make sure the SEO is helping companies rank for keyword terms that have value.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #56 - Good Websites Take Time, Talent, & Treasure.

Spend some time thinking about what you want from your website: Better Customer Service? Leads? Online Sales? In-Store Traffic? Then invest time, talent, and treasure to achieve those goals by developinging a truly good and effective website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #55 -Custom Content for Storefront Websites

To get the best ROI from your storefront website, be sure to write custom content that shows off the unique strengths and benefits of your individual store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #54 - Web Site Testing on the Go

Recruit strangers at coffee shops or airports to do web site testing in order to know how to best improve your site.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #53 - One space after a period. Not two. Here's why.

When writing your web copy and other documents, just put one space after a period.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #52 - Most valuable (and overlooked) source for website content

By continuously listening to your sales and customer service staff, you can target your copy like a sharpshooter.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #51 - Home Page Button: Don't Leave Your Home Page Without It.

It may seem elementary, but many businesses don’t do this: Always have a button clearly marked HOME so that people can get back to your home page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #50 - Uniqueness, USP, and Your Web Site

Spend some time and think about what makes your company unique. Then be sure to prominently display that uniqueness on your web site.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #49 - Meta Description Tag is More Important than Ever

Don’t believe anyone who says meta descriptions are obsolete. Write a different meta description for each of your pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #48 - Improve Website with White Space

Improve your website by leaving plenty of “white space” on your web pages for a clean and attractive look. It also makes the text easier to read.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #49 - Age of Web Site is Important

Even if you don’t think you need a website, yet; at least, get a small one up and running to start the time clock for page rank.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #46 - How to Make a Home Page Better

You can make your home page better by keeping it clean and uncluttered. That way visitors can quickly find their unique areas of interest.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #45 - Sales Pages Should Make Prospects Ache to Buy from You

All sales pages on your web site should “complete the sale” in your visitor’s mind. Do this by adding value along with thorough web content development.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #44 - Pay Per Click Ads like Direct Mail, but Cheaper Part II

A pay-per-click campaign on the Internet is most effective when visitors click through to a dedicated and well-constructed sales landing page spotlighting a specific promotion.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #43 - Pay Per Click Ads like Direct Mail, but Cheaper - Part I

A pay per click campaign on the Internet is like direct mail, but you’re only charged for those who “open the envelope.” It delivers prospects who are highly interested.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #41 - Web Tech Developers are Clueless about Online SEO Marketing

Most web technical developers are clueless about web content development and online SEO marketing. This is the main reason most websites, large and small, are not as effective as they should be.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #40 - Making Home Page a Sales Landing Page

Although it goes against conventional wisdom, home pages can be developed as strong sales landing pages for PPCs if your company specializes in one product or service.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #38 - Add This Button Makes Linking to Your Site Easy

The free Add This button helps your website in three ways. Your visitors can easily send links to their friends and bloggers. They can also easily save the page to their favorites. And it builds search engine “link juice” that will help your pages rank higher in search results.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #38 - Real Video Testimonials from Your Customers

Testimonials are powerful selling tools for any company. They’re the next best thing to a personal referral. Capturing great testimonials on video will set you apart from your competitors.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #37 Google & Yahoo's free local business services

Google and Yahoo’s free local business search services are incredibly friendly to local businesses. They help your business show up on maps and at the top of search pages, even if you don’t have a website!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #36: A Page A Week Widens Your Fishing Net

Remember, every time you add a page to your site, you can add additional keywords/search terms (bait) that will bring someone new to your site. It’s like making your fishing net bigger. A lot bigger.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #35 - The Lure of Free Websites

Free websites are better than nothing and okay for the very short term, but don’t let one lull you into thinking you’ve truly built an effective Internet presence.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #34 - Flash vs. HTML & Mobile Devices

For now, it’s safer to build a website with traditional HTML. You can still embed flash technology within your site for animation and flare.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #33 - People Buy From People They Like!

People buy from people … they like! Create a personal “voice” for your website. Think chatting over a morning cup of coffee with a friend.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #32 - Get Free Cool Mapping Tool For Your Website.

Now you can offer personalized maps with directions to your store on your website for free!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #31 - Word Count Per Page: "Making it just right"!

Use as many words as necessary on a web page to achieve your goals for search and conversion. Just make sure your text is easy to scan and read by using good formatting.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #30: Google Insights Tool Makes It Super Easy To Compare Keywords.

Go to Google Insights for Search to quickly compare keywords when building new pages for your website.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #29: Beware of SEO Charlatans!

Before you hire any search optimization specialist, see if he or she can explain to you in layman’s terms what you will be getting. Ninety per cent of SEO is easily explainable.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #28 - Getting Your Inventory Online

Put every single item you offer on your website and keep it updated daily. Make sure the item is “findable” with good online SEO copywriting.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #27 - Veni, vidi - I left! a.k.a. Website Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a page of your site and then don’t move on to any other page. As you improve your website, your bounce rate will go lower and you’ll see better results.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #26

Some businesses want to put hardly any words on a page, and others want to load up a page with keywords and information.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #25

If the tags for your web pages aren’t written, a search engine algorithm will do it for you.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #24 - Boost your search results fast and cheap (Part 1)

A fast and easy way to raise your organic search engine rankings is to have a skilled copywriter place various search terms on your key web pages and in their respective meta tags.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #23

Each time you add a page to your website you are casting your net wider to capture customers. And it’s very cost-effective; a once-loaded single web page can capture customers for years and years.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #22 - Turn on a Dime with Internet Marketing

Even if a campaign is performing well, maybe it will perform better with a change. Test your campaigns and track them. You can always quickly go back to the earlier campaign if the new one doesn’t work as well.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #21 - Helping The Blind Shop Online Is Good Business.

Home furnishings retailers need to help the blind “see” their products by including text describing their images. It should be placed near the product.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #20 - Capture Customer Emails

By capturing email addresses you will be able to plan a consistent program to keep in contact with visitors to your site. And don’t forget to capture the email addresses of your in-store customers, too!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #19 - Provide Answers

If your customers go online, they want to find exactly what they are looking for just as if they were in the actual store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #18 :The Local Search Advantage

Every single time you furnish a room, take some pictures and get some quotes from your customers. Then build a single web page around those elements.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #17 - Who Owns Your Domain Name

Tips for domain name ownership and renewal.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #15 - When A Picture Isn't Worth A Thousand Words

A picture isn’t worth a thousand words if no one can find your web page. Google suggests 250-300 words per page. Be sure those words are put to work for you by optimizing them for both search and sales.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #15 - Boost Web Page Conversion Rates

Make it easy for your prospects to continue down the sales or lead-generation pipeline by providing one to three links at the bottom of each of your web pages.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #14 - Optimization vs. Conversion

Think of optimization like putting a phone directory in a household. It helps people find your business. And conversion is like placing a good ad in a newspaper with a premium or coupon.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #13 To Tweet or Not to Tweet, Part I

Twitter is one tool I recommend giving a try. It’s pretty easy and, at the worst, you’ll have a bit of fun.