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Easy Furniture Web Tip #304: For Smoother Text, De-That Your Copy

Furniture World News Desk on 2/16/2021

Generally, I like my copy to be smooth. I want readers to glide across it like a talented ice skater.

So when I wrote my last tip — You Not We — before I sent it to my editors at Furniture World Magazine, I used my trusty checklist to review my copy and make sure there weren’t any “bumps in the ice.”

One of the items on my checklist is to “de-that” the copy. That involves simply doing a search for “that” and seeing if each that is necessary. Here is what I found.

The first “that” is totally unnecessary. But the second “that” is necessary. Here is how I rewrote it.


Performing this quick fix is a writing tip that pros use regularly. You can, too.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 304: For smoother text, check your copy for superfluous thats.


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