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Easy Furniture Web Tip 176; Web Content

Furniture World News Desk on 9/16/2013

By Katherine Andes

I was at a business gathering listening to a web developer describe his services. He waxed eloquently about how he could build this and he could build that, and then he said, “You just add the content, the fun part!”

Not so fast. Creating good content ain’t so easy. And it certainly isn’t “fun.”

Oh, there are fun aspects to the task. Like after all the numerous drafts of a page are done, then it is fun to polish and make your content sparkle.

It’s also fun when a page is published and you can sit back and admire your web page.

But overall good, winning, selling content is not fun to write. It’s hard work and, at times, even brain wracking. Occasionally, it can take you to the dark side.

That’s because good writing, including commercial writing, is difficult no matter how talented a writer you may be.

And that’s how it should be. How many gifted natural singers are there? If you’ve watched even a smidgen of the popular television singing shows, you’ve been amazed at how many wonderful voices are out there.

And yet how many of those singers rise to the top, or even ever make a living at it? Just the few who take the time to develop and perfect their gift.

A professional writer does that. He or she takes the time to perfect the gift.

And that’s why you pay them the big bucks to write your copy.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 176: Creating good web content is hard work, not fun.

Katherine Andes specializes in web content development and search engine optimization — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. Visit her website www.AndesAndAssociates.com or phone her at 559.589.0379.
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