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Easy Furniture Web Tip #146: An Outgoing Link Should Open in a New Window

Furniture World News Desk on 4/9/2012

By Katherine Andes

Last week, I wrote about why you should avoid putting outgoing links on your website unless you have a very good reason to do so.

This week I have a very simple tip. If for some reason, you do decide to put an outgoing link on your website, make sure that when your visitor clicks on that link the targeted web page opens in a new window.

That way your website is still active on your prospect’s browser in a separate window.

Yes, if the new page opened in the current window, your prospect could simply click back to your page, but what if she went on to several other new pages? Then she would have to keep clicking back to get to your page. Or maybe she accidentally closes the window? Then she would have to search her history to get you back or start the search all over from scratch.
If your page is still active in another window, she’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you are still there. How thoughtful of you!

Easy Furniture Web Tip #146: When putting an outgoing link on your web page, click the tool that says, “open in another window.”

Katherine Andes specializes in copywriting for SEO and web content development — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.


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