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Easy Furniture Web Tip #316: No Brainer Social Media Posts

Furniture World News Desk on 9/28/2021

If you’re like most local furniture store owners, you have a hard time consistently posting to your social media platforms.  You promise yourself you will post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whichever is your favorite platform two or three times a week. When you fail at that, you commit to one time a week. Before you know it, months have flown by and you haven’t posted anything new!


That’s why owners often outsource this task. I get it. I even have a few clients for whom I create social media posts.


Ideally, though, you should have someone in your store or maybe more than one person who can post to your platforms. This is better because that person is there every day and knows when interesting things are happening — like a new shipment of merchandise, a new staffer, anniversaries, birthdays, babies born, etc.


Those are all things you can post on your platforms and they will engage your audience.


Another easy way to get a post is when you create a new web page or refresh an old one. Once the new page is completed, you can post its web address to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media pages you use.


Even if you don’t create new pages, you can still post your current pages to your social media platforms. Because the post is being generated with your web address, if folks click on it they will be guided to your website. A good thing.


By the way, most website platforms now have options to specially tag your web pages for social media. I highly recommend following their directions for tags and size of image. Your posts will look sharper.


Easy Furniture Web Tip #316: Post your new or refreshed web pages to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.



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