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Easy Furniture Web Tip #136 - Stay on Top of Your Web Changes

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By Katherine Andes

If you’ve ever taught your children to pick up their rooms or do chores, you know you have to stay on top of them.

The little tykes emerge from their rooms and say, “I’ve cleaned it, Mom.” But, you know better. You go in and you see the bed is made but the toys are still strewn about. If you’re a good parent, you send the child back to finish the job.

Web developers are kind of like little kids. You love ‘em, but you have to stay on top of them.

When you give your web developer or web master a list of changes to make to your website and then they write you a short, sweet note that says “Done!” don’t believe it.

If you gave them more than, say, one thing to do, the chances are that some of the tasks were not completed.

I keep a list of every single thing I ask a web developer to do and the date of when the request for action was made. Then when I get the note that says the work is done, I go to the website and check every single item.

I especially check hidden items like title and description tags. You can check those by clicking on your Page Source tab or going to your drop down menu, click View and then click Source.

And once you’ve resent a task and he says it’s “done,” be sure to check again and again as many times as it takes.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #136: Always, always, always double-check that work assigned to your web developer is actually completed.

Katherine Andes specializes in copywriting for SEO and web content development — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sitesD. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.



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