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Easy Furniture Web Tip #161: About Us Page From Hell

Furniture World News Desk on 11/26/2012

By Katherine Andes

I like to encourage my local clients to show their personalities on their About Us page. I tell them to share some personal information, be real. It helps visitors to connect and relate to the owners and staffers of a company.

Even sharing a flaw can be helpful, if you learned something in the process … and the flaw isn’t too terrible.

But don’t go overboard. I’m going to give you an example of an About Us Page from hell. I know that none of you would write a page like this, but I thought I would share a summary of it with you because it is real (a client sent it to me).


This owner shared that he wanted to be “honest” and then went on to detail how he used to have a good business on solid financial grounds. When the economy collapsed his business went with it. As a result, he couldn’t pay his bills and started writing bad checks. He lost longstanding relationships with friends in the trade and vendors. He even burned bridges with personal friends and family.

He hated himself and was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and failure. He swore he’d never go into business for himself again. So he went to work for someone else and that went well and he started paying all his bills. But …

He developed vertigo and became disabled, missing five months of work due to his illness. He got depressed. Then he decided to pick himself up and go back into business for himself. He had no credit, no money, and no customers. He borrowed a truck and tools from his parents, made flyers, knocked on doors, and scrounged up some work.

Today he boasts a truck of his own, a few customers, and still no credit. He would love to work for you …


Again, I know that none of you would ever write an About Us page like this, but it is instructive and amusing. The actual page was about three times as long and full of typos and misspellings. It would be cruel for me to send you the actual link, so I won’t do that. Let’s hope he quietly retires the page.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #161: Be real on your About Us page, but don’t give us too much information.

Katherine Andes specializes in web content development and search engine optimization — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. Visit her website www.AndesAndAssociates.com or phone her at 559.589.0379.
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