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Easy Furniture Web Tip 298: Unplug and Replug All Your Devices Weekly

Furniture World News Desk on 10/1/2020

This tip is for home computer devices. It might work in the office, but I would check with your tech person first.

I work from home. Even before Covid, I worked from home. Every two or three months, my computer Internet would go down.

Of course, it always happened when I was in the midst of a client’s web project.

Usually, getting the Internet back up involved calling my provider.

About a year ago, the helpdesk person told me to unplug and plug in my modem every month. Weekly would be even better. If I did that, he explained, it would keep glitchy thingys out of my computer. Okay, those are my words for whatever it was he said.

Since then, I have faithfully made unplugging my modem a part of my weekly routine. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to call my provider.

Then I noticed my television sets, would sometimes not load apps when I wanted to watch a movie. So I began unplugging and plugging my two TV sets as well.

Today, my Saturday afternoon routine is to unplug or power down ALL my devices: computer, modem, printer, phone, tablet, and television sets.

The result has been that I rarely have to deal with the Internet going down on any of my devices.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 298: Make it a habit to unplug and replug all your devices weekly.

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